LTC & Dark Side of the Moon

LTC/DFW 2011
We attended the 2011 “Leadership Training for Christ” / DFW annual convention this year, maybe for the last time as this was the last year S. is elgible to participate due to graduation. This year she competed in the “Bible Bowl” competition as usual, but did not have time to do any other events. Results will be out later. Our church was well-represented with over a dozen children and youth participating. Among the events every year are “Bible Bowl”, Puppets, Song-leading, Sign Language, Chorus, Scrap books, Skits/Drama, and Art Exhibits. This year’s Bible Bowl was over the book of Revelation. As usual, I got to hang out with my wonderful church friends and their families and shoot lots of photos!

I got to go see “Dark Side of the Moon” last week at UNT. It was really awesome! Great graphics and Pink Floyd Music! XD Ended up having to park a mile away and literally run to make it to the show in time. Took a Dramamine just before the show (since I get motion-sickness VERY easily), no pbms, though I did have to look away just a couple of times. I had meant to go the previous week, but ended up hanging out w/T. the whole evening instead, since she was only in town for the week. If you’re near Denton, you really should go see this! It’s only $7, six if you’re a student! Anyway, for a teaser, here’s an intro on Youtube (but a small flat screen does NOT do it justice)!


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