Beautiful Image of the Stars
Check out this stunning photo of the stars – “…above is the largest true-color photograph of the night sky ever created, shot by 28-year-old amateur astrophotographer Nick Risinger using six astronomical cameras. It’s not just the view of the sky from one location, but is instead a 360-panoramic view of the sky taken by trekking 60,000 miles across the western United States and South Africa starting in March 2010…”
Copyright (C) 2011

Cool “Mothers’ Night Out” Video!
Here’s to you Mom, you are and always will be my hero! And all you dedicated women out there who have chosen Motherhood: enjoy, celebrate, & have a wonderful day today, you all deserve it!

Not much happening with me this week, actually, I’ve been fairly bored. Took a long walk yesterday, shot some nature pics, and watched the Kentucky Derby – that’s about it!

Purple Thistles (Summer Version)

If you commute here in Texas, especially the DFW Metroplex, you should definitely read this!: “Infrastructure?“, by Ed Wallace! I always find his columns a refreshing in informative read!

“…Texas built the vast majority of our state and national roads in the period of 1945 – 1970, when the state’s population averaged around 9 million citizens. And yet today just the Metroplex alone has over 6 million living here, with 1.4 million new arrivals in just the last decade. Clearly, we need more and bigger roads. But we’re told we have no money to build new roads. And that’s why in order to accommodate and expand our system we need to sell off new highway rights to private companies, and look forward to living in a world of toll roads from now on.”
ME: Me thinks our politicians LIEZ to us and STEALZ from us! Raise the frackin’ gas tax, if need be and take some responsibility and build us some roads!

Highway Robbery

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