Time Travel Discovered by Aggie Physicists, Exposed by JimPossible!

Dejavu all over again
This is a sixth-dimensional time-gate gravitic lens focused @ approx. -27yrs 8mo. 30.612° N lat, -96.34° E lon. Phase: -2 farads, Axis: 315°, Diameter: 2.4m, Event duration: 2’12” Scene: Duncan Dining Hall, Texas A&M University: Feb/2011 &&-> Jun/1983. Barometric Pressure differential: -2.6 millibars. No known continuum aberations or tachyon contamination. I had the amazing fortune to accidentally stumble upon this experiment on the “Past” side (1983) when I was a summer-school student! This space-time bending experiment was being conducted by the Texas A&M Quantum Physics Dept. in the Spring of 2011, one of many this very advanced dept. conducts. After expressing my interest in the subject and in assisting in anyway I could, and being sworn to secrecy until 2011, I arranged to return to the scene when I reached the other side of the time-gate and photograph the opening itself! The vortex was created -2 farads out of phase to prevent eyewitnesses, but I was able to capture with my digital camera, since good digital sensors can capture light up to -3 farads of phase-shift. This is why the good Aggie Cadet in this photo is completely oblivious and assumes I’m only taking a picture of Duncan. I had to position the camera where I remembered the vortex being opened, thus it’s not centered in the photo. I never saw the vortex from the “past” side (out of phase), but accidentally “caught” an experimenter passing through it w/21st century equipment! They had record of me from our close encounter 27 years earlier and were more than happy to allow me to do their photography for them and they allowed me to keep / post this one photograph, knowing full well, no one would believe it, as it appears to be just another “photo-shopped” pic. I so wanted to step through the gate into the future, but they would not let me b/c it would have caused “continuum contamination”! Anyway, I know the story and I’m sticking with it!
This Week’s Photo Highlights (Flickr)
Humming Bug? Howling at the Moon

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