We spent the day Friday in College Station for S’s new student orientation and registration. S is all oriented and registered for Fall classes. While the future students attended seminars on college life, they sent us ‘rents off to seminars on such psychobabble as “Letting go” and “Coping with your child leaving the nest”, etc! The joint sessions were the same stuff we covered when I was a new student at the same university 30 years ago & in the same auditorium too, covering Aggie traditions, student organizations, campus resources, etc. lol! The highlight of the event for me was getting to lunch at Sbisa Dining Hall once again after so many years – the food & the place are pretty much identical as when I was there. Then, I could eat all I could and never gain any weight, now – not so much! They still bring out the “green” (good) lettuce though, when ‘rents are in town. No “time-travel experiment” pics there b/c you couldn’t tell the difference, lol!
Inside Sbisa Dining Hall
Chowin’ down in Sbisa, just like back in the day. For “chow” I had BBQ Brisket for “bullneck” & Bluebell chocolate icecream for “cush” as they would say in the Corps!

Dude's goin' places!
My view while gassing up in Hearne coming back from College Station.

A 2-door Coupe-version of a horse (video) – This is a Hoot! Thx, JJ!

10-Year-Old Boy Ticketed For Improper Seat Belt Use” – More tales of tyranny from the “Land of the Free”¡

Sociologist Develops Gospel Saturation Plan – This sounds like a great idea!

This is “Awesomium”! – “A Windowless Web Browser Framework Ported to Linux”

GO MAVS – BTHO the Heat!

I went & hung out w/some friends at an outdoor party yesterday. A friend brought a hookah & I got to smoke one for the first time! It was relaxing & fun – very flavorful, but mild. I had been wanting to try that for a while now but had never been anywhere with a group of interested people where they had them.

I’ve been having major foot problems this week. The ball of my foot behind the 2nd toe (not the big toe) on my left foot has developed something like a deep bruise such that whenever I step off of it, it feels like the bone is mashing down against concrete producing a sharp aching pain – OUCH! This has forced me to wear well-padded running shoes w/padded inserts & good socks at all times – no bare feet & no dress shoes this week¡¡¡ The shoes weren’t a pbm. until I went to church today and had to wear them w/my slacks – ugh¡ This happened to me several years ago too and it took awhile to go away. This time i think it happened b/c I wore some really nice, but hard dress shoes to the graduation ceremonies and dinner & then stomped around in the yard the next day in some old dress shoes that were hard.


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