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This has been a great sports (hot, boring otherwise) week!:

1) The Mavs beat the Heat to win their 1st NBA Championship. Now all four of the major local pro. sports teams have won championships, except the Rangers, which finished 2nd in the World Series this past fall! The Rangers are in 1st place as of this week! Congratulations Mavs!

2) The Fightin’ Texas Aggies Men’s Baseball Team is in the College World Series after defeating Florida State in a best of 3 series! Congratulations Aggies!

3) Aggies sprint to “triple-double championship” – Both the Aggie Men’s & Women’s Track Teams also won national titles for the 3rd year in a row last week! The 1st collegiate program to ever accomplish this! (story: The Battalion Online)

– This Week’s Schtuff –
I CAN’T make all this up you know!

Children’s author ejected from plane for bad language
me:Finally, manners and decency enforced in public! I’m glad they removed him – People should NOT be dropping F-bombs period, ESPECIALLY NOT in Public, where there are children! I’m SICK of seeing our civil society coarsened, debased & attacked! (NOTE to self: “there are only a few hundred grownups left!”)

Shovel-ready was not as … uh .. shovel-ready as we expected.” – the Obamanation

Miracle-Gro Has High Hopes for Medical Marijuana Field” me:XD

Judgment/Karma: Man dies (& goes to Hell) whilst raping elderly woman.

This is the short film Josh Fox and the environmental establishment don’t want you to see!

This is actually a well-done campaign add by Mitt Romney. me:I am not a huge fan of Mr. Romney after the socialist healthcare plan He pushed through on Massachusetts as Governor, but this is a good ad! Thanks CC!

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