Gimme Summer Luvin’; & This time, I’m Tryin’ the Train!

I was in Denton this weekend and got to ride the brand new intraurban rail line between Denton and Dallas. This was its grand opening and the rides were free, but crowded! Growing up I always saw the freight rail line that ran along I35E while driving to Dallas and always wished that I could ride a train to Dallas and see what was along that line. Now I finally got a chance to, along w/my trusty camera! I actually just rode to Lewisville and back due to limited time, but that was the part I was wanting to see. Also hung out w/my dad Saturday as well. He was back in hospital, but is out now and back temporarily (we hope) in the nursing home doing much better! Hung out w/friends at the Lab Friday Night too, so overall a busy weekend. Dad’s day was ok, but spent a good part of it cleaning out all the junk blown into my pool by the storms the night before. Same thing happened again last night too¡ Otherwise, it’s just been work, work, work this week.
A-Train Grand Opening
I’m pleased to announce the release of Net::xFTP v.0.45 – bugfix release – fixes various bugs found in several of the different FTP-ish modules. This closes CPAN bugs #63290 and #68801. The only currently-open bugs are #68638, #68800 and #68833. I do not know when I’ll get a chance to address these seeing that they appear to be minor issues but will take time to track down & fix. (Patches always welcome!)

“Let There Be Light” – Texas Tells Feds: Shove Your Light Bulb Ban!
me:Texas once again lights the way back to Freedom!

New Mexico footballer hauled off plane, booked for baggy pants
me:He was on a private airplane the private property of a private company, he should pull up his pants per their requests if he wishes to fly with them!
(“there are only a few hundred grownups left!”)

<<< A Great song from Summers past!
"Let’s Live For Today” – by Grass Roots
me:Really need to get this from iTunes!


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