Various flotsam from my Schtack of Schtuff

Got me some new running/walking shoes my crappy old feet have been literally hurting for & hung out w/a friend in Cowtown.

<<< This photo is a wall in the guest room of my dad’s house. I stayed the night there while visiting him in the hospital last week. He is out now!  For some reason, I really liked this artwork & had never been in this room before!

Texas Lawmakers AWOL For Vote On TSA Groping Bill
Hey Texas House:  MAN UP & get your rears back in there & support this bill!  You can make history standing up against tyranny just as our state’s founders did!  Remember the Alamo!

I’m not much for Country & Western music, but there are songs in every genre I like, including this one by Brooks & Dunn.  Guess even I can be a little red-neck sometimes, but hey, diversity is a hallmark of this blog!

Boot Scootin’ Boogie – by Brooks & Dunn (Video)
A-Train Opening Day Collage

A-Train Opening Day Photo Collage
I35E over Lake Dallas, Crossing Arm w/a case of the “Stickles”, and a cool photographer majoring in Cinematic Photography @UNT.

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