Happy Independence Day Weekend!

Happy Independence Day everyone!
A county judge has banned all private fireworks around here this week (& rightfully so IMHO due to the extreme drought / wildfire danger the whole state is under right now) so it’s gonna be kinda quiet, but the flag flyin’, burger grillin’, baked beans & hangin’ out w/the fam by the pool are still on!

I’m not a particularly good sleeper and it’s gradually gotten worse over the years to the point now that I’m lucky if I can sleep for 2-3 straight hours and more than 5-6 total in a night. I started taking Melatonin last week and have been sleeping again almost like I did in college. I actually slept 7 straight hours the other night for the 1st time in ages! I have the smallest pills (1mg) and am now breaking them in half, which seems to be enough for me.

Had to “re-fix” the clothes dryer this morning b/c the new element we bought for it 6 months ago new (on eBay) already went out – grrrrrrr¡ Don’t know what company actually made it in order to file for warranty! I was able to twist it back together which will hold until I can order another one.
Ahhhh Summertime!

My Ghetto Pool (in it’s 3rd summer!)

Cardinal by the fountain

Cardinal behind my fountain

Never-ending Summer chore

My “Plugger’s” sprinker-system (workin’ overtime lately)!
I have this opportunity to create a 20 page photo album free via Shutterfly due to a purchase S made @Best Buy early this year. She gave it to me and I had filed it away until I had time to work on it. It expires 6 months from the purchase, so now I’m scrambling to select 20 good photos for it. This is gonna take some time! 😉

My roosters

Quote of the Day:

“AT SOME POINT, I and thee will eventually become that man behind the tree.”
(“That ’90s Show” By W. James Antle) American Spectator: June 2010 issue.

Interesting article: “A tumor that could provide the key to making zombies
“…short telomeres are associated with disease and death. As a result, some scientists believe that keeping telomeres long could be one way to lengthen life…”

Texas Constructs U.S. Border Wall To Keep Out Unwanted Americans (satire)
me:”dang carpet-baggin’ furiners – lol!”

Hauser’s Law; …Soak the rich? You can’t…


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