Here’s to America’s once-great Space Program

Last shuttle launch

me:I guess this is the end of America’s manned space program. Now that we’ve been reduced to just another socialist nanny-state, we can’t do things like that anymore b/c our now horribly-indebted gov. must now spend everything it can get on running a welfare state. I came of age during the Apollo moon missions and; as the beautiful launch, moon, and space pictures came in; I was excited and amazed along with everyone else I knew at the awesome things our free country could do and looked forward to a career in science and to possibly getting to go into space myself some day as it appeared then that space travel could eventually become routine, but as I’ve grown older, I’ve watched my country become weaker to the point that now we can’t even build a gasoline refinery, nuclear plant, a freeway, or even drill an offshore well, much less win a small war. So sad. 😦

Quote of the Day: “If anyone is obliged to give something back, they are the thieves and recipients of legalized theft, namely people who’ve used Congress, including America’s corporate welfare queens, to live at the expense of others. When a nation vilifies the productive and makes mascots of the unproductive, it doesn’t bode well for its future. ”  Walter Williams (May 18, 2011) “Understanding Liberals

More government that’s gotten too big¡

I went to visit my mom & her new husband this week and he (a former professional wedding photographer) surprised me with a really wonderful gift – a very nice tripod he used to use! I’m psyched! I already had a really cheap tripod that I bought at Wallyworld when I had no idea what I was doing and have often wished for a good one, but have never bought a nicer one b/c i don’t do a lot of work with a tripod, but there are times when it does come in really handy! She wanted me to do a photo-shoot of this gazebo. I also captured one good humming bird in her backyard.

The Blanding of Ronald Reagan
me:This article articulates why I loved and admired President Ronald Reagan and never liked the Bushes or other “conservatives” like Mitt Romney, et. al. It’s a long read, but you’ll get the point pretty quickly

20 Linux Alternatives for Common Windows Applications


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