Not much happenin’ around here this week – just the hot miserable dog days of Summer! It’s been in the 100s every day and has not dropped below 80°F at night (the old definition of a “Heat Advisory”). I can’t seem to move the sprinkler fast enough! This is when the TV weatherman goes on vacation and leaves a single weather map hanging for the entire time. Spent today backing up my computer, updating it’s software, and working on the free “Shutterfly” photo album. Essentially behind my desk most of the day – like a typical workday¡

Watched the ninety-minute final episode of “Friday Night Lights” last night. It was good, everything ended well. As much as I believe in the “male breadwinner” ethos, I was somewhat glad to see Coach Taylor turn down his great new coaching contract to move with his wife to Philly for her new university position simply because this was logically the right thing to do…

Frequent pool visitor

Frequent Visitor to my pool

While walking: Egret returning to it’s nightly roost
…He could get a coaching job in Philly (& did), but her career was at a dead end in Dillon.

“Those who declare laziness a vice must be jealous. And when a politician or anyone condemns laziness and claims he or she is ‘working hard’ to solve a problem, he is simply admitting that he is not smart enough or creative enough to find an easier lazy way of accomplishing what needs to be done.” – Fred Gratzon, (C) LazyWay (View Story)

Creating the Perfect Fluxbox Desktop on Linux

Has Paris Hilton gone goth?!


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