IT’s So HOT!

Man, it is getting HOT around here, in so many ways, even by Texas standards. 80-107° every day for last month with NO RAIN. It’s not only hot here, but over much of the country. We also have even more heat from all the hot air coming out of Washington regarding this stupid debt ceiling. Gee, CUT SPENDING, will ya!

Quote of the day:  “I’m a firm believer in American Exceptionalism. I do not believe America is exceptional because Americans are an exceptional people, rather I believe America is exceptional because it is founded on exceptional principles.” – me

America became a superpower and world leader because of these founding principles and the liberty they guarded for most of our nation’s history. Unfortunately American civilization seems to be “reverting to the norm” of human government so to speak where there is either a single ruler or a small ruling class and the masses are dominated and ruled over.

Space Shuttle’s Final Return   >>>

“Research shows that when wind energy is on the electrical grid, operators must use more coal and gas generation to keep the electrical power in balance, said David Schnare, Esq. Ph.D., director of ATI Environmental Law Center. This forces coal and gas plants to cycle up and down to keep pace with when wind varies, which is extremely inefficient and dirty.” – ATI Environmental Law Center Sues State of Colorado

Tech Tutorial:  How to make your own 20th Century Fox and LIONSGATE intro with Blender 2.5 in 5 min.
Investor Alert:  “Money Matters with Ken Moraif”, a very popular local weekly financial radio show has vastly upgraded their website ( to include many new features including podcasts, videos, and free signup for email alerts whenever Ken’s market indicators change!  I was preparing to start including summaries of his weekly advice in this blog but now you can get all of that directly from his website!  I’ve been a somewhat regular listener to this 30 minute weekly show since 2008 and have found his advice to have been very helpful and his market-related predictions surprisingly accurate.  He got his listeners out of the market in late 2007 missing the entire bear market of 2008, returning to the market in the Summer of 2009.  He did, however return somewhat late to the market missing a large share of the recovery and was out briefly in the Summer of 2010 cashing out near the bottom of the “Flash Crash” correction and returning after the market had recovered.  His general strategy is a technical one involving the 50 and 200 day moving averages, historically a good strategy for avoiding the lion’s share of major bear markets, but typically late in both exits & reentries often resulting in some loss of principle, as occurred from his Summer 2010 bear market call which turned out to be a false alarm.  To his credit, he admits this and points this out in a video on his website.

me:I’m not ready to make any big bets either way. I’m with Ken that they will reach a deal at the very last second to avert a default, which will be followed by a rally, though I expect very choppy (mostly down) markets between now and then. I’m watching the moving averages too.

me:The “good news” in all of this is that I had heard that the Democrats were actually open to LOWER INCOME TAX RATES in order to get the additional revenue (and economic growth) necessary to reduce this problem! If that’s the case, then maybe some of our Congress critters are actually serious about doing something to actually address the problem. Hope and Change, right?!


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