“Can’t sell Open-source”, CCR, & Gov. behaving badly

DFW Area 5-day Forecast - August 2-6, 2011
Image courtesy © NBC Channel 5
I have utterly failed at trying to get my family to be open-source users. My daughter has been using Linux on her computer for yrs now, but now my wife’s updating the orig. Windows XP partition & adding M$-Office for her as she goes off to college. I thought she was a happy user b/c she almost never mentioned any problems or difficulties, but come to find out she just didn’t want to have to come to me for computer hacks. She says everyone else @college knows Windows & the school recommends M$-Office so she’s afraid of being different and having trouble getting help from friends. She’s also had trouble w/PowerPoint since OpenOfficedoesn’t seem to handle that as well as other stuff. Basically, Linux is too “geeky” and not “mainstream” 😦 (I’m perfectly happy w/it and have been using it for yrs & will continue to do so, but wife uses Windows & apparently has never been plagued w/the usual Windows frustrations like viruses, blue-screens, or other problems, thus making the sell harder for me.The temperature continues to reach new highs (80s-110s) while the world investment markets (and our 401Ks) continue to reach for new lows¡  Fortunately, my “Misery Index” (heat / dew-point / wind calculation I use for workout decisions) has actually been lower than on typical Summer days here!

Quote of the Day: “We were sent here to drain the swamp, not to get along with the alligators.” – Ronald Reagan See story.Great article: “We Have Compromised Our Way Into Disaster” – (© Der Spiegel)
“This debate is not about taxes. This is a question of spending. There is no amount of taxes that we could raise that would stop our deficit spending caused by politicians who have lied so often.”

Gov. just keeps getting bigger & stupider. – “The (FMCSA), part of the Department of Transportation (DOT), wants [to] require all farmers and everyone on the farm to obtain a CDL

More tyranny in the Land of Liberty: “Woodpecker-Saving Daughter Costs Mom $500, Possible Jail Time” – Story by © Kristin Fisher


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