The Adventures of Wildstar ’84 – “Bowls of Wrath”

Click her to watch Wildstar in "Bowls of Wrath"
As many of you know, it’s a very dark day for our country – we’ve now been officially “downgraded” due to our government’s ongoing fiscal irresponsibility. This is causing great harm to all of us and to economies throughout the world. I would highly recommend getting investments out of harm’s way this next week (see my previous post). I’m very concerned about what markets will do Monday.

I put together this video this week. Been wanting to do this for a while now, but just now found the opportune time for it. The clips are from one of the earliest Japanese anime series “Space Battleship Yamato“, aka. “Starblazers” (US), a show from my childhood that I really liked. I always identified with Derick Wildstar (Kodai), the swashbuckling main character who never backed down from a fight and who even looks like I did at that age. In the series, he grows up from a hot-tempered youth to seasoned captain of the “star force” who saves Earth several times over. While he learns to control his temper, look beyond himself and become a source of strength and inspiration for those around him, he never compromises his principles or stops fighting for what he believes in, never “kisses up” nor tolerates stifling bureaucracy. Similar in many ways to Captain Kirk on “Star trek“, but less stiff and a little warmer. I also loved “Star trek” as well! I hope you enjoy it. Sorry I was not able to properly embed it due to various limitations/restrictions on my hosting sites. You can also find nearly all the full episodes on Youtube.

I got myself some new glass this week – a used Pentax FA 28-80mm F3.5-5.6, for only $29, including shipping!!! The filter size is 58mm. This lens works great on both my digital and film cameras, including being designed for a full 35mm frame. It has an aperture ring that includes an “A” (Auto) setting (The film camera needs the ring and the digital needs the “A” setting to work best). It takes good pictures even wide open. So far the only thing I’ve noticed is a very slight chromatic aberration if I blow up the image to full size on my 21 inch monitor (edges being slightly reddish on on side), but otherwise unnoticeable! The lens focuses very fast. The focus ring is smooth. The zoom ring is a bit firm, but it will stay where you set it and definitely not “walk” while the camera is pointing down! The only stupid thing is the front of the lens rotates with the focus ring, so when using a polarizer, one must focus first, then rotate the polarizer. The lens is light weight (mostly plastic), but feels snug and well-built. It’s not a “pro’s” lens, but for me, it’s more than worth the money I paid for it! My 2 kit lenses stop at 55mm (one starts there and the other stops there), but 55mm is right in the middle of the zoom range for this one. There is one thing terribly wrong though – it came with a “Canon” lens cover?! Oh well, fits perfectly though!


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