Mass Gaggle of “Confucious” & other misc. junk!

Mass Gaggle of “Confucious” – This is a HOOT!
<<< Story: “Real Madrid played 109 Chinese kids and…“!

Making of a Legend, Part 1: Car Salesman Eddie, by Ed Wallace, via “The Star Telegram” — “Firestone’s car broke down. When he called the factory…he wasn’t expecting some kid…he told [the kid] Rickenbacker the plant’s supervisors had sent a boy to do a man’s job. Rickenbacker calmly replied, ‘Maybe I can help you, just the same.'”

New Perl Blogzine!  – Perl Weekly Issue #1 – August 1, 2011
by “Linux Insite” – me:Cool Beans!

3 Linux Apps for Converting Videos — “The following three applications are all graphical and all easy to use for video conversion…”

Warrior Dash: My Couch to 5k Success Story” — “There was one problem though: I wasn’t a runner. I had tried running in the past to extremely limited success…”


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