We FINALLY got over 1½” of RAIN this weekend and briefly broke the 40 day streak of 100° days! Texas has been under the worst drought since records have been kept. We have not had a drop of rain here since June. The lakes are drying up. Wells are drying up. Trees are dying. It has not been below 80° at any time day or night in forty days. I even went out in the yard and danced naked in it, lol!

Quote of the Day:  “When it comes to computing, most Windows users strike me as the kind of people that might say something like ‘if God intended for man to fly, He would have given us all wings’, while the Linux users are out their colonizing other planets with faster-than-light travel.” – Anon

<<<<< Two bright galaxies on a cosmic collision path appear to be marking the occasion with a giant exclamation point in space.  (Full Story).

The Truth Comes Out! – Rep. Joe Wilson (R-S.C.) was right when he shouted “You Lie!” to the Obamanation during his State of the Union speech; ObamaCare IS Funding Illegal Aliens¡

HOWTO: Log a kernel panic.. It can be done! – from The Elite Geeks’ Blog
me:This looks like a great blog for you fellow geeks out there, so check it out!

Top 10 Things Linux Users Don’t Understand!

Owing Kristina – Another cool blog I stumbled upon (for non-geeks)!

Testing JavaScript Code with Jasmine

Redneck Linux“, What a Hoot!


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