My nest is empty, my sweet little bird has spread her wings and flown away.

She left, flew the coop, my beautiful little bird has put forth her wings and flown away leaving my nest empty. )-`; She’s off to college now! I couldn’t be more proud of her, but she will be sorely missed! Just yesterday, you were a tiny little bundle of joy but now you are a beautiful young lady! Wow, the places you’ll go and the things you’ll do – I can hardly wait to see!

We went with her to campus to pick her up from “Fish Camp” and help her move in, but after the heavy lifting was done, It was suggested that I should go out and take some pictures and “terrorize the Corps” (their words) or something while Mom helped her with her room and computer, lol, so I did. She did not want pictures taken of her, so most of the pictures I took were of the Corps, Band, and “FOW” (Freshman/”Fish” Orientation Week) activities, which interested me because that’s exactly what I was involved in thirty-one years ago this week! Lots of fond memories!! It seems that little has changed in that department due to the Corps’ being an extremely tradition-bound fraternity! My daughter is not in the Corps (ROTC) and I’m mostly glad because it’s not the kind of thing she would be interested in. She is dating a Corps member though and almost all of them (him included) are both gentlemen and scholars! I’m not being chauvinistic, but from my own experiences, I think the Corps and most of their activities are geared more toward guys…

Sunrise, sunset, swiftly fly the years.

Heck Yea!
Heck Yea – Fightin’ Texas Aggie Barn!

Freshman Orientation Week 2011
Corps’ “Fish Orientation Week” 2011
If she had been a guy, I would have urged her to at least join and give it a try! Of course the weather was miserable HOT as it ALWAYS is in August and the humidity is always much worse in College Station than here in North Texas. We melted and sweated our way across campus between air-conditioned buildings. Tonight we got to visit with her and see her dorm room via Skype!…

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