New FRINGE Season Premiere Friday, Sept. 23 9/8c!

New FRINGE Season Premiere Fri. 9/23 9/8c!!!!!
<<<< Here’s a good teaser though! I can hardly wait! I hardly watch any TV anymore, but I do love this show!

I’ve been to visit both my mom and my daughter this week. Did some quick photo shoots along the way in four different Texas towns (Lufkin, Crockett, Bryan, and Calvert). I like old small town downtowns – they always have such unique character and charm, unlike most of modern, cookie-cutter suburbia. All the little shops are close together and easy to explore on foot. For the most part though, I really did not have the time to truly do them justice.

This statue of a guy on a bike in Calvert made for an interesting shot. Not sure what it’s about since there was no plaque. Maybe a cyclist was riding by when someone dumped a can of very thick, quick-drying paint on him?

I also finally got some decent hummingbird photos while at my mom’s house!
Just for you, my loyal blog fans! (This one’s not on flickr) – Click for larger image!
Yellow Bike Man

So, you think you’re having a bad day? Check out these images and story, it’s a HOOT! You just can’t fix stupid!
“Dramatic Increase in Poverty Rate…One Giant Step for the So-Called War on Poverty…”

September 13, 2011 by Dan Mitchell

(Another great conservative blog on WordPress!)

“Im a soldier in the War on Poverty!” >>>>>>>>>>


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