Cool, refreshing Autumn, at Last!

This has been a good week. The first cool(er) breezes pf Autumn have finally blown in right on time. We got over an inch of rain, yes, cool refreshing R*A*I*N last week and for the first time in months, I’m not having to water the lawn this week, WOOT! This has put an end to most of the wildfires in the state, but the drought is still on and lake levels are way down, over 14 feet near here! This background image is of the new fountains in Holland Lake Park, Weatherford; I initially had the white-balance set totally wrong (“tungsten light”) from a previous shoot, immediately corrected in-camera for a second image, but ended up liking this icy-cool one too!)

The Rangers just clinched the American West Division pennant for the second year in a row and have a legitimate shot at the World Series again – Go Rangers!

I Watched the first new episode of “FRINGE” Friday. Been waiting for me some new FRINGE all summer! Peter’s disappeared, but there are telltale signs he’s not “gone”, though the Observers are trying to “erase” him. They have apparently erased him from Walter’s memory though. Looks like another exciting season! Funny I’m bloggin’ about a TV show, since I hardly ever watch TV – there’s just very little else on that interests me anymore.

Speaking of TV, our internet service was down for over 24 hours this week and I actually found myself staring at the boob-tube Wednesday night at “Criminal Minds” and “CSI“. It was tough being back in the twentieth century, lol! I telecommute, so that would normally do a number on me trying to work, but fortunately I had a day’s worth of work I could do off-line. A client is needing some charts that involve both stacked bars and grouping. I have two charting routines for bar-ish charts – one that does stacked charts and one that does multi-bar charts (grouped bars), but I initially told them that I did not think that there was an easy way to do both. Anyway, I got to staring at the code and – low and behold – I found that apparently at one time I had bolted that feature in!!!!! Yesssss, Yay Me! I also discovered that it was not quite what they needed and that there were a few discrepancies between my docs and the way things actually worked, so, since I had some off-line time on my hands, I decided to fix all of that and did! So, the internet being down turned into a blessing! I did end up going to McDonald’s late in the day to get an internet fix after my boss called asking when I would be back on the grid to check my email and put out some small fires. (I’m not able to do most work-related things via public wifis b/c of the company’s security).

I also got a DVD-burner drive for our DELL laptops this week via “The Parts People” in Austin after my wife researched the web, they had the best deal. I used to buy replacement parts, etc. from them whenever I drove through Austin and have found them to be a great source of DELL parts. I’ve been using my old C840 laptop to burn DVDs, about the only thing I still do with it.

Today I got out & cut down and cut up a bunch of dead tree limbs that were dragging the ground and making it hard to mow the pasture. This is about the only time of year to do this – Spring is a no-no b/c of the risk of spreading Oak Blight, Summer is too hot, and in Winter you can’t tell the dead limbs from the dormant ones. As I write this though, I just got stung by a yellow-jacket whilst turning off the water on the front porch due to a nest I just discovered (the hard way, lol) under our swing AND, the Aggies are in the midst of an epic collapse playing Oklahoma State¡ This is embarrassing. 😦


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