Nephilim, Stargates, Rangers & Flying Saucers – Oh My!

I absolutely LOVE this book cover, & WANT TO CLIMB THOSE STAIRS!  This book sounds interesting enough to buy – I just might do it!  More books of similar genre!
The Texas Rangers are American League Division Champions for the 2nd year in a row!  Now it’s either Detroit or the dreaded Yankees, Bring ’em on!

I seem to be a football jinx these days.  After my rooting for them, the Aggies committed two complete 2nd half meltdowns in as many weeks and the Cowboys likewise suffered the worst 2nd half collapse in franchise history this week.  I hate football¡¡¡  I think for the safety of players and for my sanity, football games should be limited to 30 minutes of play, lol!

I’ve mentioned in previous posts this article about there appearing to be only a few hundred “grownups” left.  Well, it looks like pop star diva Rihanna ran into one of them recently:  “‘You need to find a greater God’ – farmer said of Rihanna after catching her topless on his land and ordering her to leave.”  me:I happen to like Rihanna’s music and included one of her (clean) videos in a previous blog post, but I have to admit I also admire this Christian farmer for the stand he took!

This is what I feel like right now!
I’m looking forward to this Saturday hanging out w/friends at the Flying Saucer in Fort Worth, followed by an outdoor birthday / watching party watching the Texas Rangers playing in the ALCS, with friends!  The weather is supposed to be delightful too.

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