More Highway Robbery

    Our politicians have been wringing their hands and pleading poverty for years now when discussing the need to build more roads and improve transportation in the urban areas of our fair state. They repeatedly state the obvious that we waste millions of man-hours and fuel and pollution idling away our lives in traffic congestion while on the other hand scolding us for driving too much and pleading with us to use mass-transit more. They claim there’s no money to add any freeway capacity and yet do things like this (see picture).

     This picture shows the latest hair-brained liberal feel-good political “solution” to our traffic woes. This freeway, originally built with bonds and paid off in the 20 years that the road WAS operated as a toll road (no “mobility councils” or private companies making obscene profits from tolls) had 3 lanes in each direction (now we’re turning free roads INTO toll roads for PRIVATE PROFIT). It was nearly doubled in width for most of the way between Arlington and Dallas but, if you’ll notice, there are STILL only THREE lanes available that 90% of us tax-paying serfs can actually USE! The ENTIRE addition of cement will be dedicated (wasted, imo.) in creating a silly system of “HOV” and “managed” (for the rich only) toll lanes and, of course the extra shoulders, walls, sign-age, etc. this entails. Observe closely and you’ll notice that for this same expense in concrete they could have DOUBLED the capacity of this roadway (6 lanes in each direction) that would have greatly benefited EVERONE using the roadway! Instead, they’ve opted to DELIBERATELY KEEP the road CONGESTED (creating more economic loss and pollution) for 90% of us and only provide good transportation for the few who can afford to pay extra (we ALL PAID for this through our gas taxes already).

     I find it sick, EVIL, and twisted that now our “transportation” department is immorally joined at the hip with private toll road companies and has a VESTED INTEREST in maintaining CONGESTION for PROFIT! My wish is for all the politicians who plead for “Net Neutrality” fairness for the internet start preaching the same thing for highways! It is my opinion that Texas has pretty much gone from first to worst among the states (we used to be famous for our sleek, modern, and efficient highways) in highways and automobile mobility in the last twenty years mostly because of neglect and stuff like this.

     Hey knuckleheaded politicians: If you actually made this a 6-lane FREEway, congestion would be all but eliminated and, applying this to 35W (see my story on THAT boondoggle) would probably reduce ozone pollution enough to get us out of the EPA’s doghouse AND boost the local economy! And, if it doesn’t, maybe we should just tell the EPA to shove it and take all the extra money we’re all being forced to spend on “smog inspections”, etc. to “comply” with their ridiculous and ever-tightening ozone “standards” and spent it at the state level, we could probably actually AFFORD more freeway lanes since it would cost mush less to build highways without having to comply with all the federal regulations and endless “environmental impact” studies and “Davis Bacon” (union) wages it now requires to improve a highway? Heck we’d probably save MORE than we’d LOSE in the (now pittance) we receive in federal “highway funds”, most of which are already earmarked for non-highway purposes anyway. Set up a “task force” and study THAT idea, folks, I dare you!


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