Texas Rangers ALCS Champs & Opening Dimensional Doors!

Congratulations Texas Rangers!

Good News:  The Texas Rangers REPEAT as American League Champions winning back-to-back pennants and will represent the American League in the 2011 World Series – Go Rangers!

Really Good News:  I’ve got TICKETS and am GOING to Game 5 –

<<<<< CERN: Something May Come Through ‘Dimensional Doors’ – me:LOVE this photo!

So many U.S. manufacturing jobs, so few skilled workers” –
me (laughing):Oh, but Engineering is tooooo harrrrd and requires too much work, I just wanna party & have fun in college!

Meet the ‘Flea Party’!” – Ann Colter, 2011-10-12 – “…their previous initiative, ‘Occupy Our Mothers’ Basements.'”

How to Find Anything Under Linux – “Linux find, grep, and awk commands…”

Google open sources JavaScript testing tools – “Google JS Test…”


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    it is illegal to possess feathers – but then someone who would build such a huge home in their habitat probably do3sn&#e9;t even think about their impact on the natural world. For someone who is supposedly so enamored with nature your selfish actions speak otherwise.

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