Back to Peaceful, Quiet, Normal

Finally, a quiet week this week, Kid’s back off to college, better-half is back at the office, and I’m back at work by myself here at the ranch! I just finished eating the last homemade holiday cookie here as I type. (Thank you Honey for the awesome home-baked cookies!)
I’m proud of the fact that I was involved in the largest internet protest ever this week by taking this blog down to protest the SOPA and Protect IP bills grinding their way through Congress as most bills do, sort of like making really cheap sausage. WordPress (this blog’s host site) was down for the day (Wednesday), but it was left to each individual blogger whether or not to take down their blogs. If you are not familiar with this pending legislation, you should be because it threatens the open frontier of free-expression that is the internet, the last such frontier left in the world. Here’s a good site, including a video, that explains this in more detail. It is really sad that so many of our Congress critters are bought and paid for by Big Hollywood, and that while we condemn censorship in China and elsewhere, we are so ready to practice it ourselves. It looks like the protest is starting to have some effect, several in Congress, and even the “Obamanation” appear to be backing away from it, but still, we’re up against a LOT of campaign $$$$$. I’m Just a [Bad] Bill” (Schoolhouse Rock)
Great video of “Dark Side Of The Moon” by Pink Floyd – Thanks, LDC for sharing! My roll of 35mm b&w film arrived this week and is now loaded in my camera ready for some serious b&w street photography, but I haven’t had a chance to do any yet, hoping to Saturday! This is the first time I’ve ever had any b&w film, having been doing my b&w of late using digital. I had hoped to buy some at the store, but was unable to find any, so, off to I went & got this 36exp. 400iso. b&w film.
I got the latest Linux installed on my lappy, but I haven’t touched it during the workweek because I’ve been too busy with my photos and enjoying the beautiful warm weather we’ve been having lately, to want to work on it in the evenings. besides, my current ancient Linux installation is working just fine, of course!
I did join a new photography hosting site this week: “Camera Enthusiast – (”. It is mostly a Pentaxian-oriented site (I’m a proud Pentaxian myself), but is open to photographers of all gear. They are currently allowing free, unlimited photo space for members to create and display their work in albums! So far, it seems like a pretty cool site. I’ll continue to post work on my Flickr account, but will also contribute here too. On Flickr, my work is displayed in a single “stream” from most recent to oldest, but since it’s only a freetard account (I’m cheap, lol), it only shows my 200 most recent photos, which has been reasonable, but I’ve been shooting a lot lately, so now stuff that’s less than a year old is dropping off. Either I’m becoming busier, liking more of my shots, or else becoming more vain, lol! With this site, your work is automatically broken up into albums. There are also discussion threads and the members seem to be mostly serious photographers, both amateurs and pros. Still a lot of exploring to do.!

While my week was peacefully boring and quiet, my Stack-o-Stuff has filled up nicely this week, please see below:

Put Another Log on the Fire“, by Tompall Glaser
Found this song, from childhood after it came up in conversation as my wife was adding a log to the fireplace the other night.
WARNING:  If you’re a feminist, you won’t like it, but for rednecks & the rest of us, it’s a real HOOT, so enjoy!
This Week’s Stack of Stuff:

Interesting “Green?” cubicle walls!Courtesy(c) MTV Geek
Excellent WGET Tutorial

Good list of Linux/Unix networking commands

Ten Useful Terminal Commands for Linux/Unix users

Texas: Top State Senator Says Red Light Cameras About Money – me:Amazing when pols. openly admit what the rest of us serfs knew all along!

Quote of the Day – (Cuttin’ thru the BS):
“There are several common ingredients in how the left enlarges its control over our lives. The first is the selection of some aspect of reality — global warming, carbon footprints, population growth, inequality, diversity, for example. The second element involves designating the selected aspect of reality as a crisis. The third step is to explain that the only way to avoid Armageddon is by reducing everyone’s freedom and by giving more centralized power and control to those who understand the magnitude of the crisis. The rest of us are told that our freedoms are a luxury we simply can no longer afford.”
– “Special Report Now Playing: The Sustainability Con“,
By Ron Ross, American Spectator, Jan 12, 2012.


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