The All-Seeing Eye of Osiris

All-seeing Eye of Osiris The All-Seeing Eye of Osiris

I am Ever-Watching!

While visiting my mom last week, I found this really cool green wine bottle in her living room.  I vaguely remember it from childhood, but never paid it any mind before, but sat there staring at the green pyramid shape and the crystal prism stopper and then holding it up to my face and looking through the triangular prism.  I had one of my *rare*, artsy-creative moments when the repressed artsy side of my brain suddenly rares up in stubborn rebellion against the dominant and equally stubborn tech side.  The thought of the “All-seeing eye of Osiris” on the back of the dollar bill popped up as an image in my head.  Those of you who know me well know that I, when I get an image in my head, have to make it manifest so I can look at it, so I did a shoot requiring over a dozen takes, then created this image.  This is also one of my very rare self-portraits.  I’ve never been much into self-portraits and have always been a bit paranoid about posting high-quality images of myself on the open internet, so that was part of the reason I went for big time bokeh, to not only sharpen the image of the bottle and the eye but to blur my face out somewhat as well (for our mutual benefit)!
Annuit Coeptis


One of the biggest roses in the Universe!
Found ^this^ Cool Valentine’s Day image yesterday on io9!

55 Open Source Replacements for Photo and Graphics Tools


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