Happy Leap Day!

Just a quick post to celebrate “Leap Day”, a day that only happens once every four years.  That alone merits a toast, or at least a post.  I feel for those that have birthdays on this day though.  On the other hand, when they are eighty years old, they can honestly say they’re celebrating their twentieth birthday?

Saturday, I built this “log rack” to better stack all the wood (that we haven’t burned this winter due to the severe lack of cold weather this year) – See image below and my Flickr site for some pictures from this shoot.  I then went out with a friend and shot some more B&W around downtown Fort Worth, Texas and then went and hung out w/some friends in Denton for the evening.

The next phase of my Linux upgrade – getting Audacious to work – was a royal BEATING.  Since I patched it, I had to recompile it and all the plugins too.  This meant having to go get all the development-versions of a bunch of libraries, some of which took a while to ascertain just what they were.  Building Audacious itself wasn’t that bad, but all the plugins was a pain, since each one needs different libraries.  One thing I learned was that OSS4 was NOT one of them.  After thinking I needed that for one of the plugins, it silently blacklisted all my sound modules and left me with a silent computer – not good!  This took a few hours to track down and fix.  Anyway, it’s all back working again, even after I again removed Pulseaudio and went back to Alsa.

Today’s Stack of Stuff:

This Saturday's Project
Congress Turning FREEways into Toll Roads!
me:This is just absolutely DESPICABLE!

[Drive-by] Media Finally Paying Attention to Eligibility?
Maricopa County, Arizona Sheriff and Patriot Joe Arpaio is the first government agency to do a true official investigation into Obama’s constitutional fitness for the office of President of the United States!

Imperial Government: The Food Police Are Here!
“If I told you that government officials took away a preschooler’s turkey sandwich because it was ‘not nutritious’ and replaced it with fried food, you would think it was a made up story…”

Letter From Young Conservative To Obama On His 16th Vacation.
me:Wish I had the time off, and money for just ONE vacation like his this year!

The IB Program is an Attempt to Indoctrinate our Children by Socialist Organizations.

Can an Android phone run without Google?
me:I prefer to avoid the all-prying eyes of Google as much as possible!


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