Standpipe Coffeehouse, Lufkin, Texas

Downtown Lufkin, Texas has many old brick buildings and plenty of typical small mom & pop businesses from accountants to antique stores.  Unfortunately, there’s not a lot of entertainment-oriented businesses and almost everything shuts down in the evening.  There is one place though that is working to change that and is providing downtown Lufkin with some good, much-needed night-life.  That place is the Standpipe Coffeehouse, located right in the thick of downtown at S. First Street and E. Shepherd Avenue.  It opens promptly at 7 in the mornings and is open well into the evenings (9) and until 11 pm on Fridays and Saturdays.  They usually feature live music by a varity of bands on most evenings.  I was there on both a Saturday and a Tuesday evening and the place was well-crowded, but not packed.  I had no trouble moving about, shooting photos or finding a seat either time.  I saw people of all ages, including families and older children.  I just really enjoyed the ambiance.  Often when I find myself in a small, cozy building like this with live music, it’s too loud to the point of being difficult to carry on a conversation.  Not true, at least when I was there, the music was at a very reasonable volume where it was the dominant sound, but not such that one needed to raise their voice to talk with the person they were with.

Front of Standpipe Coffeehouse, on First Street. Downtown Lufkin, Texas in the old Saxon Mercantile Building.
“Standpipe” (named after the original “water-tower” in Lufkin near the site, which consisted of a large composite pipe section stood upright – see the picture in the middle photo, second row below) is located in a very old building that my great grandfather owned and operated a general store in.  The front of the building just above the coffee-shop bears his name and that of his store “Saxon Merchantile Co. Inc.”.  That building was built abutting an older building that had a large “Coca Cola” mural hidden under years of grime.  It was discovered when the owners of the new coffee-shop were preparing to clean and paint the wall.  After discovering it, they had it cleaned and restored.  Due to the varying ages of the buildings and previous restorations, the different walls have a variety of different textures and styles.  So, if you’re looking for a good cup of coffee, a quiet place to rest while shopping or exploring downtown or for some nice relaxing nightlife in Lufkin, you must come out and visit the Standpipe, it is the downtown nightlife scene in Lufkin!
Standpipe Coffeehouse, Lufkin, TX
Tending bar on a busy Saturday Night.

Live Music by “The Ragbirds“, Tuesday Night, March 13.



Sunday Night, March 11.

Enjoy a cigar and a quiet chat with friends on the outside padio up front.

Customers enjoying the Live Music.

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