Leaving instructions for an Aggie / Geek house-sitter:

I had the pleasure of house-sitting for my mom for the last two weeks while she and her husband took an exciting and well-deserved vacation overseas. Having someone else, even your own offspring move into your home to live and work and look after your pets for an extended period of time can be stressful, and a bit unnerving. A million questions can run through your mind, often regarding whether or not you’ve conveyed all the information necessary for a stranger to do all the things that you can do in your sleep that your unique home and your one-of-a-kind pets require to avoid spontaneously combusting, and to enable that person to survive on their own without the tender care of their loving spouse! This can be especially true and result in additional stress if this person is not only your son, who moved out long ago and has forgotten most of the domestic skills you diligently tried to inculcate into him as a child, but also happens to be an Aggie and a geek; and whom you’ll be unable to provide tech. support for the duration of the trip.

Use a “Start Here” note and labeled cans to eliminate all confusion regarding which flavor the cat, which barely eats, is expecting for each day’s feedings!

Numbered meals ready to eat for each day!
To minimize the stress and worry while on vacation, the best approach is to provide as detailed information as possible to your Aggie house-sitter to enable him to complete his complicated daily rounds with as few mistakes as possible by keeping it simple and concise in terms that even domestically-challenged Aggies can understand!

I will have to say that you did a wonderful job, Mom, of providing me with all the information (and food) I needed in order to keep your home standing, your plants watered, and your cat (and myself) well-nourished! I really enjoyed the opportunity to help and that you all had a wonderful time on your trip! Oh, and the beautiful pictures too!


Your son Jim

I needed just one extra reminder to myself!

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  1. polkenhorn
    Posted March 27, 2012 at 11:01 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Ha, ha, ha! Love this Jim…you’re a Geekin’ hoot. But a most wonderfully awesome one…and dearly loved.

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