A Walk with my Macro Lens

I take walks out in the “wilderness” near our house and Lake Weatherford nearly every day, and usually bring my camera, but today’s walk proved to be an unusually good day for photography.  I had gone walking after work yesterday, without my camera because it was cloudy, I had not noticed hardy any wildflowers budding out so far yet this year, and I was just lazy.  I stopped and set down briefly for a break and noticed a small insect swooping in and then just hovering over some weeds nearby.  It appeared to me to be a tiny hornet or wasp of some type that I’ve never seen or noticed before.  I then noticed a couple of others nearby and they did not seem to be at all concerned with my presence, so the next day I decided to bring my camera and my fast macro lens and see if I could capture one, seeing that they tended to hover fairly steadily for several seconds, but would still present a good photographic challenge!  I managed to capture a couple, though not hovering and also discovered some Texas Bluebonnets and some other very interesting wildflowers that had bloomed and looked beautiful in the setting sunlight.  For larger images of these and more of my photographs, please visit my Flickr site!
Texas Spring Flora Texas Spring Flora
tiny wasp tiny wasp
The Bluebonnets are Here!! Bugger! Texas Spring Flora

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