Students Behaving Badly, An Aggie’s View

Photo courtesy (c) 2012 – Montreal Gazette.
I decided to write about this story because it hasn’t had much coverage in our media and because I find it fascinating in that I have a kid currently enrolled in the best and second biggest state university here in Texas (Texas A&M University) and am coughing up almost all the tuition and living expenses.  I’m also expecting it to rise each year with inflation.  Readers above the forty-ninth parallel are probably already well-informed on this issue.  This is a story about how a very large bunch of university students in the Canadian Province of Quebec decided to boycott their spring classes after the provincial government announced that tuition at public colleges and universities would rise starting next year by a whopping $1,625 total over five now seven years.

Photo courtesy (c) 2012 – Montreal Gazette.
Tuition increases are routine around here in Texas and almost everywhere else in North America, as our fiat currencies continuously shrink in value due to inflation and ever more tax money gets diverted to the ever-expanding government black hole.  The boycott has been going on for nearly three months now, but latest word is that some sort of “deal” may have been reached.  Apparently students at most universities in Quebec have some sort of “unions” that “collectively bargain” or something with school administrators on various policy issues.  In a traditional labor union, the power of persuasion it’s members wield is the ability to withhold their services and thus (hopefully) cripple the company’s ability to operate and make a profit.  I’m still not sure what the power is that these student “unions” hold over their universities.

Don’t students (and/or their parents) normally pay their tuition for each semester up front, then if they refuse to attend class, they simply either fail or don’t get a grade and thus lose their tuition money?  I assume most of their parents are paying most of their tuition?  This was true for me when I was in school.  As a result, if I had even MENTIONED boycotting my coursework, my dad would have literally ripped me a new one and ordered me to get my butt back to class immediately or else get out on my own and pay my OWN way.  This was true for most if not all my friends too!  So, I ask, WHERE are all the PARENTS?  So, my one word to the students is just “REST”!

It’s stories and images like this that remind me how proud I am to be a Fightin’ Texas Aggie, from a university where most of the students marching look like THIS! <<<  But I guess, as tuition goes, you get what you pay for!  GIG’EM!!

video ad: “If I wanted America to fail”, (c) 2012 by FreeMarketAmerica
Rural kids, parents angry about Labor Dept. rule banning farm chores
by Patrick Richardson, Daily Caller, April 25, 2012.
me:More proof validating this campaign ad’s point!

Georgia Grandmother Foils Robbery By Getting Into Shootout With Suspects
by CBS Atlanta, April 24, 2012.
me:Now there’s “one tough grandma!”

An entire day represented in one 360° photo! by Robert T. Gonzales,
Photo by Chris Kotsiopoulos.
me:That’s incredible!


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