“Amazing Siding”, How Sweet the Song!

A long, silly Facebook thread that I recently got sucked into brought back out of the darkest bowels of my brain this silly little ditty I came up with several years ago when I was bored and had listened to Hal Jay shill for the umpteenth time for the “Amazing Siding” company.  So, since this thing is forever burned into my memory, I now have the overwhelming (probably insane) urge to inflict it on share it with you, my loyal readers.  You probably have to have listened to the old Hal Jay and Dick Siegel Morning Show on WBAP Radio and their commercials for Amazing Siding (and thus be able to imagine hearing them singing this on the radio to the tune of the beautiful old hymn, Amazing Grace) in order for this to make any sense at all; otherwise, you may just want to skip on down to the next post!  Anyway for you hardy souls with too much time on your hands who are still reading this, here it comes:

(1)  Amazing Siding, how sweet the stuff that saved a house like mine!
It once was in bad need of a paint job, but now it looks divine!

(2)  ‘Twas ‘Siding that saved my home sweet home, and ‘Siding my fears relieved.
They came right out and took good care of me, and now I truly believe!

(3)  Through many tempests, storms and hail, it has already withstood.
So I recommended it to everyone in my whole neighborhood.

(4)  When it’s been there a hundred years, baking in the sun,
it’ll be no more peeled, cracked, faded, or worn; than when it was first put on!

Sam From Sales – My Worst Valentines
Sample Hal & Dick, et. al. Morning Show Segment.
Breaking News:  [t.u.] apologizes for pubic affairs commencement typo!
by Eric Pfeiffer, May 21, 2012.

me:They always laugh at us Aggies for stuff like this, so HAHAHAHAHAHAHA – ROFLMAO!!! XD

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