Memorial Day and Eclipse Photos

Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima, by (c) Joe Rosenthal / The Associated Press.
Story Behind Iconic Image of Firemen Raising Flag During 9/11, by Sarah Morgan,, Sep. 8, 2011.
We’re celebrating Memorial day weekend and the blessed freedom we enjoy in this country and state purchased by the blood of countless patriots to whom we are eternally grateful; together here at Home Sweet “Turnerville” Ranch today setting up the backyard “Ghetto pool” for the Summer season, along with grilling some burgers.  Sunday, We had the privilege of attending a friend’s son’s graduation celebration in which he performed a beautiful piano recital.  He played several classical numbers all very well.  Friday, I just hung out with friends watching the Texas Rangers win the first of a three game sweep of the Toronto Blue Jays!  Life and Freedom are good!
Anyway, I wanted to share with you a couple of the solar eclipse photos I took last week.

This was an annular eclipse that occurred just before sundown here in North central Texas.  The sun set before it reached totality.

At first it looked like clouds would obscure the sun, but they broke up just in time!

In order to shoot the sun, I had to use the LCD screen instead of the viewfinder.  I also made a cardboard shield to go around the camera so I could stare at the screen on the back without staring at the sun, and put the camera on a tripod.

I took a wide range of exposures using manual mode ranging from zero to -5EV and ended up liking the ones around -4EV the best.

I also used two different lenses, a Tamron 90mm Macro and a Pentax 55-300mm.  Both photos shown here were taken with the Pentax fully zoomed to 300mm.  I did not use any filters.

This first one was shot at 1/320″, f10, iso100 and the second at 1/80″, f10, iso400 (the sun had nearly set at this point).

Sunset Eclipse
Sunset Eclipse
Markets: Out of Stock.   by John Authers and Kate Burgess,, May 24, 2012.
me:Really interesting investment article to read.

Dangerous walks to school.  by MORFES Art Design &Oddities, May 28, 2012.
me:Wow!  Check out this blog!  And you think your commute is da-craps and your dad walked up the hill both ways in the snow!


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