Nacogdoches Photo-shoot, Part III: Tucker Woods, Millard’s Crossing & More

Saturday, I spent the day shooting photos in Nacogdoches, Texas with my friend, fellow photographer, and most excellent tour-guide Richard!  If you recall, I went by myself this last spring when Richard was unable to join me and shot a bunch downtown, the Azalea Gardens, and around an old bridge over the railway.  This time He took me down the Tucker Woods Trail, Millard’s Crossing, and to the main rail yard.  I also made him take me to an old grain elevator that I had only shot from a distance the last time.  We had a great lunch together as well.  It was very hot and sticky (normal Texas summer afternoon), but well worth it and just a really fun day!

This and the flower images were taken on the Tucker Woods Trail, Arthur Temple College of Forestry, Stephen F. Austin University.

Tucker Woods Trail Tucker Woods Trail Tucker Woods Trail
I took these at the Millard’s Crossing Museum:  You can also view the rest of the album here.

Really old house that was moved from elsewhere in E. Texas

Old one-room Texas school.  Note listed many offenses all punished w/lashes?!

Neat old porch just like my great grandmother’s house!

Inside of an old caboose

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  1. Anonymous
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    VERY Professional photography! LIKE.

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