This week’s happenings – Magazine photo-shoot, Spam phone-calls, Sunflowers & More!

My (current) Hometown
Downtown Weatherford, North side, now mostly abandoned.
I did my third shoot for Now Magazine Tuesday after a very long and hectic day at work, which went very smoothly.  I was pleased with most of the forty photos I took of Cynthia and her husband at “Petal Pushers & Texas Sweets“, the new business they own in downtown Weatherford.  Wish I could post some of the photos, but can’t.

Afterwards, I stuck around downtown and took a few more shots of the historic downtown in the late evening sun.  This photo shows the old “Carter Ivy” Hardware / Dry goods store that has been around since at least 1900 or so, but closed just a few years ago. I used to love to shop there because you could find just about anything you needed there that you couldn’t find anywhere else!  They even had old washboards.  When I first moved to town, I bought a genuine brass impact head sprinkler there for our new lawn that I still use today!

This scene also reminds me of that old Bruce Springsteen song “My Hometown” and the lyrics “Now Main Street’s whitewashed windows and vacant stores, Seems like there ain’t nobody wants to come down here no more…”

I decided to surprise my daughter with a “half birthday” cake this week to celebrate.  I bought a round chocolate cake and cut it in half and decorated it to give her.  She thought it was a cool idea.  To me the cool thing about a half-birthday cake is that you can both have your cake and eat it too (the other half) at the same time!  XD

Another Brick in the Wall Wednesday, I went to our church’s annual Vacation Bible School (VBS) session and took some photos there too.  I only brought my fast-40mm (the tiny pancake lens I bought recently), so I had to stand back twice as far as the other photographer who was using a big zoomer, but almost all the photos came out really well.

I also got to have lunch with my daughter this week too!  That’s about it for the whole week here.

Don’t Call Us We’ll Call You” – Sugarloaf, 1975.<<<  This is the outside wall of Carter Ivy (once the inside wall of another business, now long gone).

>>>  The chorus of this song popped into (and stayed stuck in) my head the other evening when out walking with my wife and discussing all the stupid spam phone-calls (hangups) I let my answering machine take all day, haha!
<<<  “Sunflower“, by Glen Campbell

This song pops into my head whenever I’m photographing sunflowers!

I ended up redeveloping this photo with the white-balance to “Warm Fluorescent Light” to get the flowers & leaves to look right to me, which made the railroad track gravel blue, but I thought it looked best this way.  I think this was because the evening sunlight was very golden such that even the leaves were a yellowish green which reduced contrast with the golden flowers.  >>>

Sun Flowers

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