Nothing to do but watch the Olympics

Aim for the Light AheadArrived just in time to catch this oncoming train! This week I’ve just mostly been vegin’ out watching the Olympics.  I swear that even though I haven’t watched that much of it, but frequently stop for a few moments when I enter the room to see what’s going on, I’ve spent as much time watching television this last week than in the entire year until now (I don’t watch a lot of TV).  I’ve only been out of the house when absolutely necessary since the temps have been over 100° and it hasn’t been below 80° at night all week. I’ve still managed to go walking late in evenings and to get a couple of decent photographs this week. Oh, & I got two photos, including one rather large one published in this month’s “Weatherford Now” Magazine from a shoot I did for them a couple of months ago.  Anyway, other stuff I’ve found interesting this week: Moonin' a movin' trainThis is actually the back of the same train.
I sorely miss ABC’s Wide World of Sports‘ Olympic coverage with Jim McKay, et. al. from back in the day, as I haven’t been very happy w/NBC’s coverage – I wish they had fewer “puff pieces” and showed more actual competition.

<<<  Moon between Olympic rings makes for breathtaking London photographs (GALLERY)
by Chris Chase (c), Aug 4, 2012.

[BAD]minton tournament marred by teams trying to purposely lose a match
by Martin Rogers, Yahoo Sports, Aug. 1, 2012.

me:I’ve always liked both playing and watching indoor Badminton.  It’s a shame though that the rules of Olympic tournament seeding are such that it can pay to throw a match.  Something needs to be changed!  Too bad they never show any of the Badminton on TV.


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