Sunset on another Summer

"Invernal Sunset" (-1 day)
Invernal Sunset“, by me on Flickr(tm).
<<<<  Took this the evening before the Invernal Equinox standing in my neighbor’s part of our shared driveway frontage, facing due West down our street.

What to prepare before installing Arch Linux the first time  by Linux and Life, September 12, 2012 .
me:I’m planning to try this someday (when I have too much time on my hands)!

40 Reasons Obama Should Not Be Re-Elected!
by Bert Atkinson Jr., IJReview, September 16, 2012.

Police State Alert:  Mom sues police and neighbor after she is arrested for letting her kids play outside
by Claudine Zap, The Sideshow, Sep. 19, 2012.
me:Doubt we now live in an undercover communist police-state, read this!  Double-shame that this happened here in Texas!

Our Dallas Cowboys, aka “America’s Team” laid a big fat stink-bomb in Seattle this last Sunday losing 27-7 to the Seattle Seadoves in a most embarrassing fashion.  They were absolutely “Punked”, says Randy Galloway, local “Football Firing Line” sportswriter.  I was just mad.  I couldn’t even stand to watch it.  They fumbled the opening kickoff and went down from there.  There’s absolutely NO EXCUSE for this kind of embarrassing performance by a professional team.  This just made me want to throw up.

Fortunately our Texas Rangers are clinging to a three game lead in the West as I write this.  Come on Rangers, the third time will be the charm!

“Cowbags”, image courtesy (c) Associated Press:

Image courtesy (c)
Level Orange Pollen Alert Day today!

Those with respiratory problems, the elderly, and small children are advised to remain indoors.  People are urged to combine their gardens and pool their plants to reduce pollen!
If the Metroplex exceeds the EPA’s 8-hour standard for pollen levels again this year, we could be reclassified as a ‘severe’ non-attainment area (up from ‘serious’) resulting in restrictions on outdoor gardening, tree planting, etc. and additional taxes on plants and lawn/garden supplies; or risk the loss of federal highway funds (which we don’t get hardly any anymore anyway).  Homeowners within the non-attaining counties with trees and large bushes could be subject to annual pollen emissions inspections.  If a tree fails an inspection, the owner will be required to spend up to $500 removing branches.  After that, if the tree fails the re-inspection, the owner could seek a waiver or simply cut the tree down.  The cost for the annual inspections will be set at $40 per tree and $30 for large bushes.   me:Illustrating absurdity by being absurd!

Lessons from the ‘World’s Ugliest Woman’: ‘Stop Staring and Start Learning’
by Lylah M. Alphonse, Yahoo Shine, Sep. 13, 2012.
me:This story both put a lump in my throat and really inspired me at the same time.  Lizzie Velasquez is a beautiful, amazing and inspiring woman.  You really must read her story!

Femen Opens First Office Abroad
Feminists from the Ukraine-based activist group Femen have opened their first training center abroad in Paris to teach like-minded protesters how to evade security forces. For the opening, the women ran half-naked through a predominantly Muslim neighborhood in the French capital.
by Lorenz Eichhorn, Der Spiegel International, Sep. 19, 2012.  WARNING: Graphic and lewd images in article.
me:Gotta love this – People are finally counter-protesting the Muslims!  It’s great to see people standing up to those guys for our free speech rights.  In this case:  Go Fems!

Honey, You Didn’t Build That!
me:This is Priceless! What a good microcosm analogy of the currently dominant political views in D.C. these days¡

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