The Tide has Turned – The Fightin’ Texas Aggies Beat #1 Alabama in Epic Game!

Photo by (c:2012) Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images, courtesy
Breaking News:  The Tide has Turned!  The (15th ranked) Fightin’ Texas Aggies Beat the Heck out of the No. 1 ranked Alabama Crimson Tide 29 to 24 yesterday in A&M’s third straight tough road win this season!  The Aggies have proven in their SEC rookie season that they indeed belong in the nation’s toughest conference and can hang with anyone after knocking off the conference’s and the nation’s top team!  Many laughed at the Aggies when they left the “Longhorn” (Big 12) Conference last season to accept an invitation from the SEC to join the nation’s strongest conference, but they are not laughing now! A&M’s freshman quarterback Johnny “Johnny Football” Manziel continues to fearlessly lead the Aggies’ offense to new heights and to make his case for an eventual Heisman Trophy!

Photo by (c:2012) Jason McConnell, Aggieland Illustrated; via
Im psyched, just totally psyched!  This is one of the most awesome Aggie wins I can remember in my over thirty years of following them!  I did not get to watch it though, being out with a friend running errands in Fort Worth; and then, on my way to see other friends for a birthday party in Denton while the game was going on.  I did get to fully celebrate the win with my friends at the party that evening though!  Read even more here, at: ESPN, CBS, DallasNews, and MySA! “Total Aggie-ny” says ‘Bama paper!  The last one was ten years and a day ago when they defeated top-ranked Oklahoma at home in Kyle Field.  S. had planned to take a long road-trip to Tuscaloosa with friends, without tickets, to tailgate, but her friends bailed.  I was relieved that she didn’t go, but she was annoyed about having missed history in the making!  GIGEM!

Johnny Manziel fumbles ball into own hands then throws a TD pass
Video courtesy (c:2012) CBS? via lilsnatch770,

Photo by (c:2012) Jason McConnell,
Aggieland Illustrated; via

Photo by (c:2012) Jason McConnell,
Aggieland Illustrated; via

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    UPDATE: I stumbled upon this from a while back = man, this ramblin’ redneck bumpkin from ‘Bama sounds like a real HOOT of a joke now, eh?!

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