Perverted Inversion

Old County Jail in Grandbury, Texas;  image and poetry copyright (c) 2012 by me
Woe to those who pervert justice; who call light darkness and darkness light; who persecute the innocent and promote the guilty; who call good evil and evil good; who imprison those whose religions or lifestyles are different from theirs yet harm no one; who mock those who are different from them; who think they are free when they are enslaved; who free the body but imprison the mind; and those who remain imprisoned when they are really free.
It’s been a quiet week here.  I’ve had laryngitis most of this week, but am slowly getting my voice back.  Went on a mini-shopping trip Saturday that was more successful than expected!  Gibsons in Weatherford is an awesome old store on South Main Street!  It can’t be said that I didn’t shop the local Mom & Pop!  Gibsons used to be a huge chain back in the days before Wal-Mart, et. al., but I hardly see any of them around anymore, but we have a small one here in our town!  One of those places you can find stuff that you can’t find in the big chain stores!  I went walking w/my wife C. on the trail, which is a non-story except I forgot to change my shoes and ended up stomping through the two miles or so in my leather loafers which made my feet hurt.  I can be so scatter-headed sometimes.  This inverted photo is of the old county jail in Grandbury, Texas where I did the joint shoot with my friend H. last Saturday (see my last post).

<<<  If you’re interested in how I did the words over the image, I got the tip here* but I had to add:  style=”position:relative” to the first <div> tag.
*Placing text over image using CSS position property
by Fahad Heylaal,, June 12, 2008.

The Crisis of American Self-Government
by Daniel Halper, The Weekly Standard, Dec. 1, 2012.
me:A short but good read!

Today’s Quote:  “Obama is not truly interested in raising taxes on the rich,” Norquist told me. “His real goal is to impose an energy tax as the precursor of a value added tax on American taxpayers. An energy/carbon tax and/or a VAT, in addition to the present income tax, is the only way to fund the permanently larger government Obama is creating before our eyes.”
Is Big Green’s carbon tax a snake in the ‘fiscal cliff’s’ grass?  by Ron Arnold, The Washington Examiner, Nov. 29, 2012.

Blocking Facebook Web Trackers At The Firewall For Extra Privacy
by, Nov. 9, 2012.

Top 30 Nmap Command Examples For Sys/Network Admins
by Nixcraft, Nov. 26, 2012.

Linux / Unix Command To Optimize and Compress PNG Files In Bulk
by Nixcraft, Nov. 28, 2012.

Judge Judy Makes Incredible Entitlement Argument:  Send This Tape To Congress:  “Why Our Country is Going Down the Drain
by Bert Atkinson Jr., IJReview, Nov. 16, 2012.
me:A clear example with what’s wrong with Amerika:  >>>>>

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