Merry Christmas, Peace & Love Everyone!

image courtesy (c)  me:beautifully said!
Well, it’s that Christmas time of year again! Got all my shopping done (Thank goodness I was able to do almost all of it on-line, since the few stores I’ve had to go to and the traffic have been absolutely maddening).  I’m still waiting for one package that’s supposed to get here the 24th (while we’re gone).  They say we may have some snow-flurries mixed with RAIN on Christmas day!  Rain would be an absolute Christmas present for us this year as we haven’t seen any measurable amount since October or so.  Mix in some snow and it would be truly awesome!

Work is threatening to make me work later next week to meet some sudden January 3rd deadlines that have been thrown my way while I just found out that my vacation time expires at the end of January, humbug!  Things have been going very well for me lately, but there has also been a lot of stress recently too.  While I find the holidays a joyful time of the year, for some reason it always seems to be very stressful for me.  I can’t seem to help getting too caught up in wanting so much to gift everyone close to me with just what they want and making everyone happy, while at the same time I find shopping in general to be very stressful.  I often find gift-giving becoming too much like work (developing software) where sometimes I receive very detailed “specs.” on what is desired and others I have to try to read their minds (like some of my users at work), lol.

Anyway, I’m very much looking forward to spending Christmas Eve and Christmas with my wonderful family and then just chilling out for a day or so.  Peace to all of you who read this. May you have a wonderful Christmas too and can stop and reflect on how much God has blessed you, and that you are able to put all of your problems aside for at least one day. We all have problems, but we all have been tremendously blessed with life and in many other ways we often fail to realize and reflect upon and be greatful for.  The most important one, the reason for this season, is that God Himself took on human flesh (as Christ Jesus) and offered Himself up unto death upon a cruel cross in order that we imperfect, self-seeking human beings condemned to death may instead have life eternal in a new and perfect creation with Him and experience His peace in our lives regardless of our circumstances.


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