Shooting Solo in Millsap and Mineral Wells, Texas

Beautifully-colored row of abandoned buildings in Millsap
Sunday was a beautiful day here and I was bored and bereft of anything important to do outside and did not want to spend the day inside so I decided I wanted to go shoot.  I haste-fully called a friend to see if they wanted to go along but they weren’t home, so I decided to just go off by myself.  I had been thinking about Mineral Wells for awhile and decided, this time I was just gonna go!  I took a long way there in order to also visit Millsap as well, since I had never been there.

Millsap was smaller than I expected, but had a row of abandoned buildings each painted in a different pastel color, which made for some interesting shots.  I also found several other interesting things to snap too – an old but very well-kept house painted green with a run-down bus parked behind it, and a big red barn.

I did almost all of my shooting with my handy-dandy duo of “Pancake” lenses (SMC Pentax 21mm and 40mm).  This made for easy street shooting with one on the camera and one in my pocket, whilst I left all the others in my bag in the car.  This worked out very well.  The only slight annoyance is that Murphy’s Law seems to apply meaning that nearly every shot seems to be better suited for the one in my pocket.  The added quality of the photographs makes it more than worth that slight inconvenience!  I did use my Tamron 90mm macro (not pocket-able) to do the shots looking down the hill.

Cool old green house with abandoned bus in Millsap

Abandoned gas station on outskirts of Mineral Wells with hill in background.
Then I packed up and headed for Mineral Wells finding several interesting sites along the way.  Mineral Wells has a beautiful old abandoned grand hotel (the Baker Hotel) right in the center of town, along with a couple of steep mini-mountains poking up ostentatiously above the otherwise almost flat countryside.  The downtown is a very target-rich environment of old buildings and storefronts from a more prosperous bygone era, and I spent a good part of the afternoon just walking about and taking pictures!

It took me a couple of minutes but I managed to get this one without a single car in the frame.  There was one coming up behind me and I managed to snap the photo just before it entered the frame.  >>>

You can see larger versions and more photos here!

Main Street (U.S. 281) in Mineral Wells

Abandoned Baker Hotel in downtown Mineral Wells

The Baker Hotel’s Grand Entrance

Side view of the hotel (I decided to do some b&w, with digital UV filter!)

Back side of the Baker Hotel

^^^   Here’s where the “Crazy Water Festival” people meet, I guess.
Mineral Wells is famous for its mineral water.
<<<  Candidly snapped a jogger along the old Main Street.

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