The State of the Union Speech that President Obama Should have Given

State of the Union: President Reagan’s State of the Union Speech – 2/18/81
by The Reagan Foundation, via Youtube
If you’re like me and don’t want to listen to President’s SOTU speechifying tonight addressing the critical national issues of “Global Warming”, “Amnesty”, and more of the same failed Government solutions to our economic problems, then give this SOTU speech a listen!  It was given by our late great President Ronald Reagan in 1981.  Our nation had been in a similar state of economic malaise for several years then, after four years of Liberal Democratic administration and policies.  Most of Reagan’s ideas were implemented and worked wonders resulting in a quarter century of nearly unbroken economic expansion and prosperity.  You won’t hear any of that tonight (except here) but here’s what President Obama SHOULD have said and done tonight!  for those of you who, like me, are old enough to remember this it will bring back some nostalgia. For the rest of you, this is what it was like when our nation was lead by grownups who lead by example and spoke the truth and who put our nation’s interest above their own personal enrichment; and who wanted to grow individual liberty and restrain government instead of the other way around!

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