Frozen Hate Regatta, the Shakedown Cruise and More

"Frozen Hate" Regatta 2013 "Frozen Hate" Regatta 2013
^^^  Captured this gull in the midst of the regatta.
<<<  One of the Texas A&M teams maneuvers around a buoy.
S. was in the vicinity this weekend sailing for the Fightin’ Texas Aggie Sailing Team in the “Frozen Hate” regatta at White Rock Lake.  C. & I journeyed over for the afternoon Saturday to watch them.  It was a beautiful day for watching, but there was precious little wind for sailing.  This did not stop the fearless two-man crews in completing their competition.  This was my first time to watch an actual regatta of sail boats and it was really cool having the privilege of both watching and photographing the event!  The Aggies finished 2nd overall for the regatta.
White Rock Lake
Candid shot of a couple of other observers at the regatta.
(Above):  “Sloop John B“, by The Beach Boys.  ^^^

In other sailing-related news, the Carnival cruse-ship “Triumph”, rechristened the “Sailing Sewer” limped into shore this last week with the friend of some friends aboard, but she made it back and safe and well.  The blow-by-blow reports lit up my Facebook all week last week.

Therefore I decided to include these two song videos in her honor!  Both these songs (particularly the one by Jay Ferguson, which was popular during that time in my life) bring back memories of two bad sailing experiences I was pressed into back when I was in high school (I am known for getting sea-sick just looking at a boat on the ocean).  I have not been on an ocean boat trip since!

<<<  “Shakedown Cruise“, by Jay Ferguson.

Today’s Freedom ALERT:  The pieces of the Liberal agenda are starting to fit together to form a hideous puzzle:  Huffington Post Reports on John Birch Society’s Work to Stop Agenda 21
by Raven Clabough, The Huffington Post, Feb. 12, 2013.

“Environmentalism could be used as a tool to control all the people of the world and establish a one-world government..”

“Most residents of those cities, towns, and counties are unaware that their local governments are agreeing to rules and regulations dictated by a UN-based organization regarding property rights.”

“The Society also claims that Agenda 21’s goal to increase “civic participation” is code for forcing Americans to work in agricultural labor camps.”

“Participating in a UN advocated planning process would very likely bring out many of the conspiracy-fixated…So we call our process something else, such as comprehensive planning, growth management or smart growth.”

Sandy Hook Father Absolutely Owns Guns Violence Hearing
by Bert Atkinson Jr., IJReview, Feb. 5, 2013 (video included).
me:A real American schools his servants on Liberty!

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