Aledo Texas photo-shoot, Comet Panstarrs, and More

I didn’t have any parties to go to for St. Patty’s Day this week, but I did almost find myself baking a green bunt cake in a joke bet with a friend for a potential party that didn’t develop.  I don’t think they believed that I’d actually do it, combined with the fact that I’ve never actually baked a cake before, and that I was threatening to actually go through with it at the last minute probably scared them out of it.  But hey, be careful in betting off-hand with JimPossible! HA HA!  I did spend Saturday doing a joint photo-shoot with two other photographer friends in nearby Aledo.

On the sadder side, I found out that Formspring is going tits-up next month.  I enjoyed Formspring because it provided a unique medium for my more-shy readers with the opportunity to ask me questions anonymously that they might be afraid to ask me straight-up.

Main Street shops in Downtown Aledo, by (© 2013) me.

Private driveway leading from downtown to a huge ranch, by (© 2013) me.
I’ve always responded to questions (within reason and which were not too personal or which contained profanity) with honest (and often cheeky) answers and enjoyed the chance to share more information about myself in a way that I was less-inclined to do on a more formal medium such as this blog.  You can still ask me a question anonymously here (or on my “about” page), or you can email me and I will do my best to answer you (same rules about profanity apply though), so, please continue to ask and you will receive!
I don’t plan on making up brackets for this year’s “March Madness” due to the fact that I haven’t paid any attention to college basketball this year.  Not that I usually do, but just even less this year.  I’m also slightly annoyed that not a single team from Texas even made it in this year.  The best the SEC could do was Florida, seeded third who lost the tournament to Ol’ Miss, seeded at 12.

Grain loader spout extending down from tall grain elevator (©) me.


I also got a chance to capture a decent image of Comet Panstarrs Tuesday night.  It wasn’t much bigger than a star, so I had zoom and crop a bunch, then use edit the image to bring out the contrast:

Comit Panstarrs
Comet Panstarrs, by (© 2013) me.

Farm between Aledo and Anetta, by (© 2013) me.
Quote of the Day (by Ronald Reagan):  “The trouble with our liberal friends is not that they’re ignorant; it’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.”
Reagan -vs- Bush(s):  ‘Ronald Reagan left office with a 63% popularity rating, changed the country and the world, and has been a world class political asset for every Republican since. George W. Bush left office with a popularity hovering in the thirties and made the Bush name fodder for every Democrat running for anything from president of the United States on down to township commissioner to say — and be believed! — that “it’s Bush’s fault.”‘
by Jeffrey Lord, “Gina McCarthy and the Hell of a Ride Republicans“, The American Spectator, Mar. 7, 2013.
Cyprus works on last-minute deal to soften bank levy
by Michele Kambas, Reuters, Mar. 17, 2013.
me:WHY is it ALWAYS savers and investors who have to get soaked (ROBBED) to pay for the profligate ways of others?!  We used to be able to just shrug at stuff like this and say “silly foreigners, thank goodness we here in America have constitutional rights, a stable government, a watchdog media, and protections against ripoffs like this”, but now I’m afraid, not so much – could we be NEXT?”
Growing Number Of States Eye Bills To Defy Federal Gun Laws
By Gregory Gwyn-Williams Jr., CNSNews, March 16, 2013.
me:The Feds have already TOLD us that states can not enforce FEDERAL immigration laws, so, why should state and local police enforce ANY federal laws?!
Creep“, by (©) Radiohead, via Juan Urday, Youtube.  me:Great song!

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    At last! Someone with real exterpise gives us the answer. Thanks!

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