LTC DFW 2013

Hyatt Hotel, DFW Airport
Eleventh floor hallway, Hyatt DFW Airport Hotel, by (© 2013) me
Another successful LTC (Leadership Training for Christ) convention has come and gone and everything went well.  We had children and youth of all ages competing, most in multiple events!  Each event one signs up for involves a lot of time and work to prepare for.  Adult volunteers also put in a tremendous amount of their own time and energy in preparing them for and in conducting and judging the competitions.  A special shout-out to my wonderful wife for the countless hours she put in again this year to making the Bible Bowl competition go off smoothly!  My role was photographer, which I enjoyed doing.  In this role, I get to witness each of our member’s participation in their chosen events.  I am starting to feel like this is becoming less and less useful though as now just about everyone has a sophisticated camera / camcorder built into their phones to record what is interesting to them and that there’s a diminishing need for someone dedicated to do this.  Perhaps I may find other useful ways to contribute in the future if it’s determined that there’s no need for it anymore.  Only thing is is that I have zero experience and confidence working with children and teenagers.  I guess the reason I seem a bit discouraged is that I had someone actually tell me that everyone now has camera-phones and therefore there probably wasn’t much use in going to all the trouble to do this anymore since it was now rather “old-school”, which really got me down when I started thinking about it.  I still enjoy doing it and strive to take better photos than one can get simply snapping things with a phone (a single lens I use costs more than most phones), so if I’m the only one that cares, then so be it.  Note to self – don’t even bother bringing a long lens or a flashgun next time, since the longest shot I had any reason to take the entire time was 50mm.  My 40mm did ninety-percent of the work with the 21mm in my pocket picking up most of the rest.  The 50mm (f1.4) was perfect when the light was low or the action faster or extra bokeh was desired.  Oh, and NEVER use flash, the two photos I took with fill-flash totally clashed with the cool mixed-fluourescent lighting they had!  I saw several others doing that with their slower zoom lenses and phones.

I also got a great workout since they put our parlor room on the eleventh floor, our hotel rooms on the eighth, and the events were all on the ground floor.  The elevators are very slow and crowded, so I always use the stairs and I found myself going up and down like a yo-yo both days!  I was pleasantly surprised by the lack of soreness in my legs today though!  I used to have no trouble running up ten flights of stairs, but now I’m no longer in nearly that good of shape.  I can’t include photos here since they are mostly portraits and I neither have nor will ask permission to post publicly, but I did get this one artsy shot of the interesting eleventh floor hallway in a brief moment that it was deserted.

Surreal Photo Manipulations
by (© 2013) Ceslovas Cesnakevicius, via eMorfes, Mar. 10, 2013.
Imprisoned, Tortured, Killed: Human Trafficking Thrives on Sinai Peninsula
by Nicola Abé, Der Spiegel International, March 29, 2013.
me:This is just horrible, praying for these people!

Egyptian mosque turned into house of torture for Christians after Muslim Brotherhood protest
by FoxNews, March 26, 2013.
me:And my TAX money is supportin’ this s**t¡

SHOCKING: Planned Parenthood Endorses Post-Birth Abortion
by Bert Atkinson Jr., IJ Review, Mar. 29, 2013.
me:I’m shocked, just Shocked, I tell you¡  Tell me again about those false “slippery-slope” arguments!

University Takes Action to Punish Student
by Todd Starnes, Fox News Radio, Mar. 25, 2013.
me:Imagine this story if you replace Jesus with Mohammid!  If I had a child attending Florida Atlantic University, I’d pull them out by cutting off all funding immediately!

Bank of America Gets Pad Locked After Homeowner Forecloses On It
by Kelly Heffernan-Tabor,, Jun 5, 2011.
me:That’ll teach them banksters, Karma is a beotch, no? haha!

Bill Gates’ $100 million database to track students
by Michael F. Haverluck, WND, Mar. 25, 2013.
me:Ever wander why Bill Gates and other elites NEVER send their own children to the government schools?!

Cyprus bail-out: savers will be raided to save euro in future crises, says eurozone chief
by Bruno Waterfield, The U.K. Telegraph, Mar. 25, 2013.
me:I used to laugh when some old codgers from the Great Depression used to keep their money under a matress and say “I don’t trust the banks”, now, not so much!  I do maintain my firm belief in “diversity” and “spreadin’ the wealth around”, though!

Computer Fraud And Abuse Act 2013: New CFAA Draft Aims To Expand, Not Reform, The “Worst Law In Technology”;  by Dave Smith, IB Times, Mar. 28 2013.

Victim of Government: How Bureaucracies Destroyed One Man’s Life
by Bert Atkinson Jr., IJ Review, Mar. 27, 2013.
“These two states represent a microcosm of which economic policies work…”
by “sixgun” commenting on:
His Greatest Failure“, by Peter Ferrara, The American Spectator, Apr. 3, 2013.
me:Once again, Kudos to Texas, my wonderful home state!
    CA = $90 billion in debt,
    CA = 9.6% unemployment rate
    CA = 13.3% income tax rate
    CA = home values still decreasing
    CA = State College Tuition throught the roof
    CA = businesses leaving in droves
    CA = stagnant, no-growth economy
    CA = repressive laws and anti-gun culture
    CA = residents leaving in droves
    CA = Liberal, left-wing economic policy failure
TX = $9 billion surplus
TX = 6.4% unemployment rate
TX = 0% income tax rate
TX = housing values increasing
TX = State College Tuition capped at $10k
TX = massive influx of new businesses
TX = booming economy
TX = limited laws pro-gun culture
TX = Influx of people from other states
TX = Conservative, right-wing economic policy success


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