Spring Rants, and Photos from Lipan

Antique fire truck in downtown Lipan, Texas, by (© 2013) me.
WARNING:  this post is gonna be a gripe-fest, but I’ll include some photos that’ll (hopefully) keep you reading.  You can also feel free to cheat – skipping my rant and just look at the photos if you wish!

Ok, here goes:  Spring, how I love thee, how I loathe thee!  I so want to like thee, but my body seems to always have other ideas.  First off, we’ve been having a most typical Winter this Spring with temperatures ranging from the 30s to the 50s and gray and dank most of last week.  This, along with the trees all budded out and spewing their annual pollen resulted in a 24 hour long “sinus migraine” last week.  Then, the weather became teasingly beautiful and warm Friday just in time for a nasty cold to come along and invade my nose, throat, and now chest, yay me¡  Saturday, before the aches and pains started in earnest, while just my nose and throat felt like I had snorted acid (not the psychedelic stuff mind you, but rather the stuff you used to handle carefully in chemistry lab), I just decided to take off by myself on a nice drive in the country armed with my trusty camera and a gynormous Big Gulp-ish cup of soda to soothe my throat and take my mind off how bad I felt.  You can see larger images and more photos from this shoot here!

Old shopping center in downtown Lipan, Texas, by (© 2013) me.
I stopped in Lipan, Texas, and several scenic spots in between and just took pictures.  Then to top it all off, I managed to smack a smallish youthful deer on the highway traveling back home.  I didn’t even manage to kill it cleanly out of it’s misery, but just horribly wounding it enough for the poor thing to hobble itself off the road into the bushes to expire slowly, CRAP¡  It was probably karma telling me that I should’ve stayed in bed, but it was such a rare beautiful Saturday. With no place to even pull over to try to check on it, I cruelly drove on shaken.  I had looked up and seen it standing just a few feet from the roadway ahead looking ominously at me as if to say “I really want to cross this road right now, and you’re always supposed to yield to pedestrians!”  I instantly had a very bad feeling what was about to happen next and slammed on my brakes to slow down (and stop if necessarily) and, sure enough, the worst thing happened – he sprinted toward me and turned right in front of me and committed suicide as we met at what I guess was about 15-20mph (instead of the 60+mph I was traveling when I saw him moments earlier).  The result was that I was not hurt and my front bumper and headlight were only slightly bruised.  Not really noticeable, but would cost me hundreds (with the deductible and higher insurance rate) to fix if I were to file (another) claim this year.

Front gate to Sweetwater Ranch, near Dennis, Texas, by (© 2013) me.
After getting home, I treated my raw throat to some awesomely good ice cream soft-serve from our local Dairy Queen, which made me feel a little better briefly.  Today, I just generally feel like roadkill myself.

While I’m whining, another annoying thing I can’t figure out is why it is that there are no longer any ATM machines or branches for my bank here in my hometown, which is otherwise full of banks.  I bank at the “Too Big To Fail Bank of the Northern Hemisphere”, which has branches just about everywhere I go, EXCEPT here in my town.  This was never a problem when I worked in Fort Worth, but now that I work at home, I can’t get cash unless I venture to Fort Worth or Mineral Wells or Denton (all in the surrounding counties) if I have a sudden need for moneys between getting my “allowance” from my wife (who works in Fort Worth).

Colorful storefront in downtown Lipan, Texas, by (© 2013) me.
Computer Fraud And Abuse Act 2013: New CFAA Draft Aims To Expand, Not Reform, The “Worst Law In Technology”
by Dave Smith, IB Times, Mar. 28 2013.
me:So they can make felons out of all of us?

GMOs are one solution to an ancient puzzle
by Robert T. Gonzalez, IO9, Mar. 25, 2013.
me:I haven’t figured out what people have against GMOs.

Following Founders’ Wisdom An Unsafe Choice In Modern America
by Ben Bullard, Personal Liberty, April 4, 2013.
(image courtesy (© 2012) IJReview)

What the Internet looked like in 1995
by Brad Plumer, Washington Post, Mar. 29, 2013:
Video by (© 1995) PBS, posted by TheCanadianToast via Youtube.


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