Tough Week

An army of “Storm troopers” descend upon and “lock down” the Boston area
Friday in search of a lone nineteen year old bombing suspect.
image courtesy (© 2013) Associated Press.
Man, what a week, so much going on, disasters both far and near.  My heart and prayers go out to the people of the Boston / Watertown area and the friendly people of nearby West, Texas.  The fact that they attacked the Boston Marathon finish line particularly touched both my wife and me because so many innocent people were so horribly maimed and that she had run that race nine years ago this month.  Marathon runners are some of the nicest people I know.  While I’m glad to see the bombers brought to justice, there are a few things that do concern me and should concern all patriotic Americans and lovers of Liberty.  First, we’ve had bombings and dangerous fugitives on the run before, but the concept of “locking down” an entire metropolitan area is brand new and scares me as much or more than the armed desperadoes themselves (This was not done in LA when that rogue cop went off shooting and fleeing).  I used to associate “lock downs” with prisons, now I associated them with government schools, which do it these days at the drop of a hat.  Now it appears to be spreading to communities.  This looked very much to me like a some sort of “trial run” for martial law.  The thought of thousands of police armed to the teeth like our soldiers fighting an urban gorilla war going door-to-door searching houses (without warrants?) to capture a single nineteen year old kid just strikes me as possibly slightly overblown.  If I had been in my house all day with the doors locked, as “requested” by the law martial, I would NOT have wanted these “troops” searching through the inside of my house (outside’s a different matter since he could be hiding there and I most likely would have given them full permission) since I could assure them that the suspect is NOT inside my home (and would, hopefully, have had the courage to tell a bunch of men armed with automatic weapons to (please) show me a warrant!)

Statue of a brave patriot minuteman looks over the desolate city amid
sheepish signs from it’s defenceless residents now “sheltering in place”.
image courtesy UK Daily Mail Online, copyright “EPA” (unknown).
I, like the nations’ founders, simply have a reasonable concern and suspicion of government power.  We grant government a monopoly on the use of force out of necessity in order to secure our liberties, but as a free people, we must always keep vigilant to elect leaders who will wield that power carefully, properly, and responsibly, always remembering that power in human hands corrupts.  I’m not saying that the police and government officials did not do an outstanding job under the extremely difficult and dangerous circumstances, just that I would not want any bunch of armed men storming through my house without a warrant if I was already sure that the suspect was not there.

A second thing that puzzles me was that somehow a home-owner walked up to his bloody boat cover (while this dangerous situation was in progress) and actually peered inside to see the suspect without getting his head blown off or worse, but the police ended up in a pitched gun-battle when they tried same and it took them hours to smoke him out.  I for one (in that situation) would have just immediately called the police to investigate as soon as I saw blood on my boat, without daring to go outside!  A third point of interest is that, at the moment, I understand the FBI is not allowing the hospital staff to report on the captured suspect’s wounds – seems strange!  Anyway, when I saw this photo (especially when shown with the other one above), the irony really struck me and made me sad in many ways as an American and a patriot.

Obama slams Republicans for gun reform ‘stunts’
by, Apr. 9, 2013.
me:More “government by sob-story”: The Obamanation w[h]ines and dines his useful idiots (while they’re still useful) on Air Force One in political stunt whilst accusing Republicans and Patriots of doing same.

Police Confiscate Man’s Guns Over Son’s Water Pistol Threat
by Paul Joseph Watson, Infowars, April 9, 2013.
me:Meanwhile, Communist officials in the People’s Police State of New York illegally threaten and intimidate another armed and law-abiding American.  Yet another “See, I told you so” – This is why the government wants to know when you purchase a gun and why you should avoid the government schools.  Don’t listen to me though, it’s easier to just write me off as a paranoid right-wing nut-job, no?  Don’t worry either, it’s all “for the children” and “Public Safety”!

President Obama leads his useful idiots onto Airforce One to beg
Congress for another gun law.  Image courtesy (© 2013) NYDailyNews

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