Still More N. Texas Small Town Photography – Sanger & Pilot Point, Texas

Double-mural in downtown Pilot Point, Texas;  by (© 2013) me.
Here are some of the photos I took in Sanger and Pilot Point while out with N. and C. last Saturday, as promised!  This week was otherwise a quiet week.  Don’t have much to write about.  I had the chance to go to the annual Jazz-Fest in Denton, but ended up just hanging around with my wife and enjoying the beautiful weather in our front yard Sunday.  The only other news is that I – yawn – went for my semi-annual checkup with my dentist and my teeth were given a clean bill of health.  I know I’ll probably be kicking myself tomorrow for not going to Jazz-Fest, but I just didn’t feel like driving for an hour one-way, finding a place to park, then dealing with the crowds that my friends were reporting were coming.  I should’ve gone earlier in the day, but goofed around until late.

Cool tractor &wind-vane in Sanger, Texas
by (© 2013) me.

The Fiddler, in Sanger, Texas
by (© 2013) me.

Rooster statue in Sanger, Texas
by (© 2013) me.

Neat little trailer near Pilot Point, Texas;  by (© 2013) me.

downtown Sanger, Texas;  by (© 2013) me.

“Lowbrows” mural, downtown Pilot Point, Texas;  by (© 2013) me.

Sunset over Lake Ray Roberts;  by (© 2013) me.

Another Exclusive Party at W.H. at Taxpayer Expense
by Daniel Halper, Weekly Standard, Apr. 9, 2013.
me:Meanwhile the Emperor fiddles on as the Republic burns.

Amish prosecuted because scissors ‘crossed state lines’
by WIND, Apr. 12, 2013.
me:If the founders had meant for the “commerce clause” to be this elastic, then WHY bother with state and local common law, courts and criminal jurisdiction at all, why not just make “federal cases” of all crimes?

Philadelphia abortion clinic horror: Column
by Kirsten Powers, USA Today, Apr. 11, 2013.
me:”Newsspeak” won’t mention this, so I will!

Religious freedom & ‘gay marriage’ cannot coexist

by Matt Barber, WND, Apr. 12, 2013.

Updated homeless ‘bill of rights’ passes CA legislative committee
by Jeremy B. White, The Sacramento Bee, Apr. 23, 2013.
me:Why do vagrants need “special rights”? What about the public’s right to maintain public decency and an orderly civil society. I’m sorry, but I do not believe there’s a fundamental right to sleep on the public sidewalks, urinate in public, loiter in and around businesses that you are not patronizing, or generally be a public nuisance.

The technology behind CERN: the hunt for the Higgs boson
by Adam Oxford, Linux Format, Issue 164, Dec. 28th 2012 – via Tech Radar.

image courtesy Tech Radar

12 Stunning Charts Show the World is Becoming a Better Place
by Kyle Becker, IJReview, Apr. 24, 2013.
me:Here’s some good news for ya!

Ron Paul fans furious over Rand Paul’s drone flip-flop
by John Hudson, Foreign Policy, Apr. 23, 2013.
“If someone comes out of a liquor store with a weapon and fifty dollars in cash. I don’t care if a drone kills him or a policeman kills him.” – Rand Paul
me:While some see me as always attacking Liberals for the stupid things they say, here, I’m an equal-opportunity commentator – This statement is a stupid, anti-liberty statement! Whatever happened to attempting to at least give the perp a chance to surrender and be arrested, only shooting him/her if necessary?”

Not a Joke: West Virginia 8th Grader Suspended & Arrested Over NRA T-Shirt;  by Bert Atkinson Jr. IJReview, Apr. 22, 2013.
me:Yet another reason to avoid the government schools!

Mastering the Linux Shell : Killing Processes and Dire Warnings
by Marcel Gagné (blog), Apr. 16, 2013.

^^^ Antique car in Pilot Point, Texas;  by (© 2013) me.
>>> Gazibo in center of downtown Pilot Point, Texas;  by (© 2013) me.

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