Relief Efforts in West, Texas

Apartments next to exploded plant – West, Texas.  These apartments
adjacent to the blast were the worst that I saw of the remaining devastation.
I had the privilege this Saturday to go with a group of other volunteers from our church to West, Texas to help out with the ongoing relief efforts there.  If you are not familiar with the story, on the evening of April 17, a fire and subsequent massive explosion occurred at a local fertilizer plant that literally leveled adjacent homes and buildings and blew windows and doors and even walls out of homes and businesses blocks away.  Many people’s homes and businesses were totally destroyed and several people, mostly firefighters lost their lives.

On this Saturday, we were asked to assist with the operations of a relief center that had been set up to provide donated items to those needing assistance.  This mostly involved the unloading of boxes of supplies and moving them into the main tent along with sorting and stocking clothes, food, disposable diapers, and other donated items onto tables for easy access by those in need.  We also took a brief tour of the more devastated neighborhoods to see for ourselves how bad the situation was.  Seeing this kind of thing on television is just not the same as seeing it up close and in person!  I’m relieved to report that things did not (appear) as bad as I had envisioned going in but seeing so many people completely uprooted from their homes is still very sad and troubling.  The community itself seems to be very resilient and everyone seems to be working very hard to restore normalcy.  I saw many, many volunteers and locals working together to help out as needed and the amount of donated goods was both overflowing and overwhelming!

I obviously did not go to do a photo-shoot, was also too busy working to take many pictures and would have been uncomfortable attempting to do so anyway, even if I had not been busy, but I did take a few of our group (not shown here for privacy reasons) and of some of the abandoned houses from our car just to show what had happened and the severity of the damage. Unfortunately, I missed getting a photo of the relief center itself, but my friend did snap a photo of it with his phone, that (cropped) only shows me (forward), while I was helping move pallets.

In lighter news, our last stop was at the famous “Czech Stop / Little Czech Bakery” store (familiar to all of us) to pick up kolaches and other refreshments.  The store was almost unscathed by the blast except for a cracked window or too.  A frequent stop for people traveling I-35.  It was packed and doing land-office business!  Please stop by and show your support!

I also set out Friday after work to mow my back pasture for the first time this season and, after three times around, a pulley came flying off.  I swear, this crappy 10-year old riding tractor breaks down every other time I use it¡  Getting out the tools again.

Image courtesy “PatsPiks” – Flickr (© unknown)  me:Love this clock!

How the [heck] is this photo of the Moon even possible?
by Robert T. Gonzalez, IO9, Apr. 30, 2013.
Image courtesy (©) Philipp Schmidli.

The Stack of Stuff is overflowing as usual!:

Pentagon: Christians May Face Imprisonment for Sharing Faith
by Anthony Gucciardi, Infowars, May 2, 2013.
me:It’s heating up out there folks, the Obamanation continues to make desolate…

Bridal shop refuses to let trans-gender shopper try on gowns
by CBC News, May 3, 2013.
me:So, “Human Rights Commission”, WHY do we LOSE all our human rights when it comes to OUR businesses and OUR property?! Trans-genders are totally FREE to open up bridal businesses and cater to whomever they wish too – THAT’s the American way, the way of FREEDOM! I believe this actually happened in Canada, but the same “discrimination rules” have infested our once-free society too.

South Carolina exercising the Tenth Amendment
by Tea Party Patriots, May 3, 2013.
me:Go South Carolina! The article mentions that Obamacare supporters point out that if the individual mandate is countermanded that people will forgo insurance until they get sick and drive up premiums. I am convinced that this will happen ANYWAY, because premiums will be so much higher than the fine no, “tax”!  Forcing insurance companies to insure against pre-existing conditions will make insurance unaffordable.

49ers rookie Quinton Patton shows up early, impresses his new coach, but has to go back home
by Doug Farrar, Yahoo Sports, May 3, 2013.
me:Now there’s a future hall of famer – awesome work ethic!

Medical Test Uses Fingers To Predict Heart Disease
by CBS Los Angeles (KNX), May 3, 2013.

New UConn Huskie Logo
Image courtesy
(© 2013) U. of Conn.
The Dogs Of Liberalism
by Ben Crystal, Personal Liberty, Apr. 30, 2013.  me:I fail to see how ANYONE can view this logo as sexist, except maybe some of the young skulls full of mush like the complainant who’ve had a steady diet of “womens’ studies”, feminism, and political-correctness bilge blown up their collegiate bloomers for 3-4 years.

Government Seeks to Fine Companies for Not Complying With Wiretap Orders
by Kim Zetter, Wired, Apr. 29, 2013.
me:(paraphraising Thomas Jefferson):  “I fail to place my finger on that constitutional amendment [enumerated power] that grants the federal government the right to personal communications.”

Americans ‘snapping’ by the millions
by David Kupelian, WND, Apr. 22, 2013.

Boston Friday Is Future America
by Bob Livingston, Personal Liberty, Apr. 23, 2013.

<<< Image courtesy (© 2012) Caesar Lima.


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