Abandoned Angelina Hotel, Wildlife and Cemetery Photos

Shot me a wild gobbler today!
Shot me a wild gobbler today!  (© 2013) me.
Had to go home, get the cam+long lens, come back in the car & find him!
I’ve been somewhat AWOL lately with this blog and, as a result, my stack is now overflowing with a wide variety of stuff to write about and link to.  I’ve been really busy and haven’t had the time to sit and try to sort it all out into cohesive posts, so I’ve been procrastinating hoping for a moment of inspiration to hit me where it could all magically come together into something worth sticking out there for public consumption. Unfortunately that moment hasn’t happened.  Sort of like waiting on the right moment on inspiration to go clean your room until you can’t get the door open and you find you have to just start there and work through it all!

Let’s start with this photo, which began with a simple mundane walk after a long, mundane day at work.  I happen to glance over the terrain and saw movement a hundred or so feet away.  I realized that it was a giant turkey strutting his stuff (I eventually discovered why – there was a hen lurking in the grass a few feet away from him).  I’ve seen some hens before, so I knew there was a flock of wild turkeys living in the area, but I had not seen this big gobbler before.  Of course, I was camera-less (and even with it I would not have had the large, long lens needed to shoot him handy.  Oh well, another “one that got away”.  I walked home and in a moment of boredom and self-confidence, decided to grab my camera and drive back out there to see if I could find him.  I walked all around the parameter of that field not seeing anything until I was about to get back in my car and go home empty.  Then another movement caught my eye in some distant bushes in the next field.  I zoomed in to try to get a better look and, sure enough, there he was, so I got in my car and drove over nearby and was able to get this shot through the opened passenger’s window!  I took several, but this was the one I was most happy with.  I’m so glad I went back!

Soft-shelled turtle swimming,  by (© 2013) me.

Soft and hard-shelled turtles,  by (© 2013) me.
"Life from the Dead"
“Life from the Dead”  by (© 2013) me.
Love this tombstoneS. has been in town and is fixing to head off to China this weekend to “study abroad” for half the summer, but I was gone a whole week house-sitting for my mom again last week.  I would’ve preferred to have been away during a different week, but that was when their vacation was scheduled.  I had expected to be mostly bored that week, except when working, but ended up having a very good week shooting and hanging out with friends.  While there, Allison. my photographer friend invited me to go with her to shoot a couple of cemeteries and around her favorite lake.  I learned about hard and soft-shelled turtles and captured some good images of them along with some ducks she has befriended.  I took several somewhat random photos in the cemeteries and had very low expectations for these, mostly “snaps”, as I would call them, amounting to anything worth keeping, much less showing off.  I got home and started playing with them in my camera and when I put them on my computer’s big screen, I was very pleasantly surprised with some of the results, hence you’re seeing and hearing about them here!  This first one is of a brick crypt by itself in the middle of the cemetery, with a small weed growing out of a crack in the top.  The second one is of a tombstone I just really liked.  I’m also planning to hopefully go back to it in a different time of the year and capture the sun setting through the top of the arch.

abandoned Anglina Hotel
Dark, dirty, creepy stairwell, Angelina Hotel
Lufkin, Texas,  by (© 2013) me.
abandoned Angelina Hotel
2nd floor hallway, rotted floor, Angelina Hotel
Lufkin, Texas,  by (© 2013) me.
Another exciting thing Saturday, while there, I went to visit my other photographer friend Richard, who was busy preparing prints for the upcoming annual Lufkin Art Show, and I met his son John, who is also into computers and computer-generated graphic art as well as music! He and I went downtown to chill and I decided to go find a way to get into the abandoned Angelina Hotel that Allison had mentioned wanting to go shoot but had not figured out how to get inside.  She said a friend had done it but wouldn’t tell her how she got in, so, of course I had to try to find a way in!  Sure enough, we found a way in and I was able to get some decent shots!  We had to tread slowly, carefully, and quietly to avoid detection, vagrants, and stepping on rotten wood flooring and falling through.  We made it up to the second floor where there was a small ballroom with a stage (see below), along with rooms. We did not venture further up because higher floors would just likely contain more of similar rooms and it was very hot and dark and, as I said, dangerous.  I did not take hardly any of the exterior because it just didn’t seem particularly interesting.  You can see more and enlarged photos of the hotel here on Camera Enthusiast.

Main lobby area, Angelina Hotel, Lufkin, Texas,  by (© 2013) me.

2nd floor stage and ballroom, Angelina Hotel, Lufkin, Texas,  by (© 2013) me.
My stack of interesting stuff is overflowing to the point that I’ve decided to put that off into a separate post coming soon!

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