Crazy Week but Productive Saturday

The Time Tunnel – Inside Irwin Allens

The Weirdest-Looking Time Machines in All Science Fiction
Story by Vincze Miklós, IO9, Aug. 21, 2013.
me:Wow! I’d forgotten the name of this show (“Time Tunnel”, circa 1966-1967), but I clearly remember this awesome set and seeing trailers for it all the time back when I was a kid!

Things have been somewhat crazy around here of late.  Last Tuesday night we had some welcome rain but along with it a very unwelcome clap of thunder (lightning) that seems to have knocked out our internet service along with an electrical circuit out in the tool shed.  Needless to say, it was Friday before I could get the internet guy to come out and replace our radio/antenna (that is up on our roof) that was less than three years old.  The internet guys told us when they scheduled the appointment that they would charge us for a service call and either charge us $200 for a new radio or we could sign a two year contract with them.  Talk about having one over a barrel!

I have always been happy with our broadband Internet service, that we’ve had for over eight years or so, except for the fact that they only offer 1Mbps service for $50 and the (few) other choices in our area offer much better.  Of course our guyz claim that their speed is more accurate and consistant than the cable or satelite guys (which I am actually prone to believe based on my own experience using other peoples’ broadband services).  But still, come on, ONE Mbps=$50?!  So, I decided to shop around a bit whilst waiting and really didn’t find any other offers that wow’d me.  I also discussed my concerns with the incumbent provider who promised that the new radio would mean faster internet.  They came out and replaced the radio and, sure enough, we now have 5.9Mbps internet for no more moneys$!  I did sign up for the “protection racket plan” though for an extra $10 a month since we didn’t have much luck with the last radio and we do have lots of lightning up here on our hill, but hey, it’s worth it to me to get the higher speed and not to have to worry about replacing a $285 radio+service call again!  (This is now our 3rd radio/antenna in the eight plus years we’ve had this service).

My desk and homemade extender table, by (© 2013) me.

Image courtesy CreativePro.
I spent Saturday wearing my electrician’s hat.  As I mentioned earlier, we lost a circuit out in the shed and I’d already checked and none of the breakers were tripped.  There’s a panel in the shed that powers it along with the barn, and the barn had power.  Anyway, to make a long story short, It took me half a day with a volt meter, opening three panels, pulling several breakers, and two trips to Homer (Doh!) Depot to find and fix the issue by replacing two defective circuit breaker switches!  Whilst at it, I also wired a new, much needed wall outlet in the barn.

<<<  I also got some stain matched for my desk extension table I actually built over a year ago that was just bare wood, and stained it since I already had it out for the internet guy!  It sits in the corner up against my desk providing some much-needed space (since my computer, docking station and monitor take up most of my desk).  It also covers up the power strip and the tangle of wires supporting all my electronic equipment.

God Bless Texas, by Wayne Allyn Root, Personal Liberty, Aug. 22, 2013.

I also had to get S’s truck worked on during the brief three days that S. was in town between semesters.  This was due to an Engine-check light being on and it requiring inspection in October and the fact that the enviro-whackos have succeeded in getting the feds to impose California’s silly air-polution restrictions on metropolitan areas in Texas by requiring annual emmissions inspections that will fail you if have anything coming out of your tailpipe but pixie dust and unicorn farts, or if you have anything amiss that causes the Engine-check light to stay on.  Since S. will not be here again between now and October except for a weekend or two, it behooved me to get to the bottom of the light now and, $500 later, it’s now running like new, as required!

H311 YEAH, Can’t Wait – BTHO Rice!  #WHOOP!  #GIG ‘EM!
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by Eric Hansen,, Aug 13, 2013.

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