Stuff from the Labor Day Stack

My dog Hank being cute;  by (©) me.

Today’s Quote:  “When you are a professional student living at home with Mommy and Daddy, it’s easy to be a liberal.  You merely have to grow a beard and pontificate on the greed of the one-per centers, expertly employing the otherwise useless skills you acquired at an elite Ivy League school.  But once you have to apply for your own loans, pay your own insurance, taxes and the rest, you realize that your best chance to live in security and provide for your loved ones is to support the fiscally responsible agenda of conservatives.”

“It’s really easy to deny your religious upbringing and march for women’s “rights” to ensure your easy access to contraception and abortion, should you ever decide to enter into relations with the beastly male gender.  But it’s hard to support infanticide once you’ve actually done the deed and felt the heartbeat of your child and seen him on an ultrasound image; and it’s harder still to believe there is no God when you gaze at the face of your firstborn, filled with love and awe at this gift of perfect innocence and purity.”

From:  “Growing Up
by Lisa Fabrizio, American Spectator, Aug. 29, 2013.


image courtesy, (© 2013) Texas A&M University, Aug. 31, 2013.
WHOOP!  Aggies Beat Rice 52-31 in Kyle Field Opener!
How Consciousness Works
by Robert T. Gonzalez, IO9, Aug. 22, 2013.
Sunday afternoon, I went for a walk with my wife about 5 miles from where we live.  Midway through, the sky suddenly and totally opened up on us with fifteen minutes of non-stopped horizontal rain.  We were both completely soaked!  Got back to the house, completely dry (there)¡ Fortunately my new Pentax camera is WATERSEALED – YESSSS!!!

Haven’t done much else noteworthy this weekend, but take this photo of my dog Hank sitting in his hole in the back yard.  I’ve tried to get this shot a couple of times lately only to have him jump out when he saw me get up to go get my camera.

Fishing at the park
Fishing at Holland Lake Park;  by (©) me. 

Today’s Hero:  Soldier who “sucked at being a civilian” earns Medal of Honor
by Jason Sickles, Yahoo News, Aug. 25, 2013.

NYC Engineer Wants to Help Homeless Man With Software Coding Classes
by Joanna Stern, Yahoo News, Aug. 23, 2013.

Rust-Oleum NeverWet, Superhydrophobic Coating That Makes Everyday Materials Repel Liquid
by EDW Lynch, Laughing Squid, June 24, 2013.

[German] Police [Gestapo?] Storm Homeschool Class, Take Children by Force
by Bob Unruh, WND, Aug. 30, 2013.
me:This is why it’s so important to for all Americans to be educated and educate themselves on our nation’s Constitution and founding principles!

downtown Athens by wildstar84, on Flickr
Downtown Athens, Texas;  by (©) me.

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