Road Trip to College Station

Fighting Texas Aggie Band takes the field
The Fighting Texas Aggie Band takes the field for halftime;  by (© 2013) me.
I know I’m running a bit behind on my blogging lately, but there’s been so much going on this month!  I got to go down to College Station and see S. this past weekend and watch the Fighting Texas Aggies take on SMU in a non-conference football game!  We had nosebleed seats way up in the corner of the third deck in the alumni side of Kyle Field but I was still able to get several good photos using my 300mm zoom lens.  The Aggies did not disappoint with a convincing 42 – 13 WIN!  We had a great time and a nice pre-game dinner with S.  The weather was perfect too (not hot or rainy) and the always awesome Fighting Texas Aggie Band halftime performance was followed up with a beautiful slightly-waning Harvest moon!
Kenny Hill dives for touchdown attempt against SMU
Kenny Hill (#7!) dives for a touchdown attempt;  by (© 2013) me.
Malcome Kennedy scores an Aggie touchdown against SMU
Malcome Kennedy (#84!) scores an Aggie touchdown;  by (© 2013) me.
Harvest moon over Kyle Field
Harvest moon over Kyle Field;  by (© 2013) me.
Sea of Maroon - Student side of Kyle Field
Sea of Maroon – Student side;  by (© 2013) me.
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